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Introducing ‘the other song’, International Academy of Advanced Homoeopathy

What is ‘the other song’?
“What is it that makes each one of us who we are?
What is it that makes each of us feel, perceive, experience, and act in our own unique manner?
What is the real cause of the stress in your life?
….stress comes not from external reality but the specific way each of us perceives it. At the deepest level our experience is not of outer reality, but is a constant inner sensation.
This core sensation matches something from one of the three kingdoms in nature. It is as if a specific animal, plant, or mineral lives in each one of us and colors our whole experience of life. It is our constant companion, the other song that keeps singing within us, shapes our personality, determines our life patterns, and is the underlying factor behind our stress.”
Buried deep inside each one of us, is a specific and distinct energy that defines our state of being that affects our perception and response to the world, that forms and essential part of our individuality.
That is our “Other Song”.
When there a disturbance of this innate energy, it becomes the source of stress, of conflict, and lack of well-being. Disease, expressed through various physical symptoms, is but an external manifestation of this deeper internal disturbance.
Homoeopathy aims to look beyond the mere physical symptoms. It aims to correct the deeper inner disturbance. It is thus, both holistic and individualistic. Restoring the body and spirit to health and balance. Bringing it into tune, to a song that is melodious and complete…
(Extracts from the back cover of
Dr. Rajan Sankaran’s book “The Other Song: Discovering Your Parallel Self”)

Homoeopathy today
With the increasing awareness and need for wholistic health solutions, homoeopathy is also gaining more popularity amongst patients who are now opting for it, not as a final but as first line of treatment. To support this, it is of extreme importance to have good quality homoeopaths. And this is possible when the formal education of every homoeopath is complemented by clinical training under the expertise and apprenticeship of senior and experienced homeopaths.
To this end, Rajan Sankaran and his dedicated team of colleagues have spent many years in effectuating their dream: an international academy of homeopathy, with the aim of bringing homeopathy and healing to a higher level by training quality practitioners.
the other song: International Academy of Advanced Homoeopathy is a culmination of a long harbored dream, nurtured by a group of homeopaths headed by Dr Rajan Sankaran, to create opportunities for homoeopaths to undergo a systematic and methodical training in order to achieve excellence in practice.
‘the other song’ is an integrated homeopathic clinic, training and research academy, dedicated to holistic patient care and well-being, as well as student/practitioner training and clinical research and documentation. A team of 35 highly experienced homeopaths bring across the latest teaching methodologies, supported by advanced audio-visual technology. Live cases are presented by video relayed to a nearby auditorium, and are explained step by step by the presenting homeopath. In this way, the academy provides an opportunity for practical and clinical training to a large number of students, whether its recent graduates, or practitioners of several years. Through the different teachers, students have access to various styles of practice, as well as to personal mentoring. Courses range from two weeks to one year, fulfilling the different needs of students.
• Facilitate the building of good quality homoeopaths through a facility supported by highly experienced senior doctors
• Demonstrate the art of integrating classical approaches in homoeopathy with the newer approaches, such as the Sensation Method and Synergy
• Demonstrate the art of case-taking and understanding the core disturbance within every patient by way of easily comprehensible and reproducible principles
• Exposure to the best minds on homeopathy to be updated and learn the latest advancements in homoeopathic practice
• Inculcate the values and skills required to build a successful homoeopathic practice
• To provide ongoing support to students and practitioners

By now, the Sensation Method in homeopathy, discovered by Rajan Sankaran and further developed by his team and colleagues globally, has become well-known around the world, with thousands of homoeopaths and their patients benefitting from this new work. The academy strives to bring across a complete approach, which includes the Sensation Method, yet also incorporates the best of previous models as well. Students are well-grounded in the basics of materia medica and repertorisation, as well as the more modern techniques, making use of both right brain and left brain thinking at the same time. The Synergy approach is inclusive rather than exclusive, encouraging the use of several different approaches in tandem order to find the best possible remedy for the patient.
(An interesting peep into Dr. Rajan Sankaran’s talk at TEDMED Live -
Since Dr. Samuel Hahnemann’s time, many eminent homoeopaths have contributed and expanded the basic principles of homoeopathy with outstanding results. One such contribution to the advancement of homoeopathy is the Sensation Approach.
Originated by Dr. Sankaran and his colleagues, the Sensation Approach is a path-breaking methodology that has revolutionized the practice of homoeopathy. Today, thousands of homoeopaths are successfully practicing this cutting-edge technique across the world.
The Sensation Approach is based on the premise that deep inside each individual is a specific and distinct energy that shapes who we are – our likes and dislikes, the way we think, act and feel, and finally our illnesses and diseases. This energy pattern is called ‘the other song’.
‘the other song’ defines our state of being. It determines our perception and response to the world and forms an essential part of our individuality. ‘the other song’ manifests as a core inner sensation which is specific to each individual. It matches an element from one of the three kingdoms in nature – plant, animal or mineral. Our personalities, life patterns, underlying factors behind stress, physical problems and symptoms are all expressions of this core inner sensation.
The Sensation Method has also evolved a systematic approach of understanding homoeopathic remedies. It understands the remedies at a much deeper level, not just as a random collection of symptoms. Each remedy is understood in totality from the point of view of Kingdoms, Sub-kingdoms, Miasm classification, and Levels of Experience. This enables a systematic, effective diagnosis and treatment of the core inner sensation within each patient.
(For more insight into the Sensation Approach watch :

Furthermore, Dr. Rajan Sankaran has further simplified the art and practice of homoeopathy by introducing the concept of ‘The Synergy in Homoeopathy’.
‘Synergy’ denotes the coming together of two or more things to create an effect that is much greater than the sum of the two.

Synergy: An Amalgam of the Old and the New
The Sensation Approach added a new dimension to the practice of Homoeopathy, giving a clearer and a firmer ground for prescription. Here, the system when used on one hand with symptoms on the other, provides a solid ground for prescription and analysis in most cases. When what we call ‘symptoms’ and ‘system’- left brain and right brain data - come together, it is like a match box and a match stick. You can add these two together - you can toss them into the same bag or drawer - and nothing happens. But when you strike them together it lights a fire. Then it is as if one plus one is not two; it is as if one plus one is a thousand. This is Synergy: when two things come together and the result is greater than the sum of those parts. Whether you first pick up the match box and bring it to the match stick, or you first pick up the match stick and bring it to the match box, it does not make a difference. When the two come together, fire is lit, the result is Synergy.

Watch Dr. Sankaran talk about ‘The Synergy in Homoeopathy’ at

Training at the academy has many benefits for both students and practitioners of homoeopathy. The systematic and well-grounded procedures established within the academy seamlessly weave together the right and left-brain function providing students and practitioners with an opportunity to hone their everyday skills and develop new ones.
This advanced approach to homoeopathy as developed and taught at the academy harmoniously blends together a symptom-based approach with a system-based approach. Students learn how to integrate conventional knowledge of materia medica and repertories along with the recent advances in Kingdom Classification, Miasm Classification, and Levels of Experience, thereby learning how to combine facts and concepts.
At the academy, students and practitioners are taught how to recognize ‘the other song’, find the correct remedy that resonates with the inner core sensation of the patient, and dispense treatment geared to restore good health and harmony within the individual. As a result of this deep healing, patients find a release from their patterns, and consequently experience an overall sense of well-being at all levels – physical, mental and spiritual.
The academy works on the principle of ‘Guru-shishya tradition’ and incorporates Live case based clinical training supported by video lectures with hands on clinical training amongst a few of its teaching and training methodologies.

Meeting point
The Academy is also a meeting point for different schools of thought in Homoeopathy, where renowned homoeopaths – national and international are invited, to share their knowledge and experience, so that there is a constant flow of ideas on a common platform. The students at the academy with a goal to spread the teaching and training imparted at the academy, have in turn, established ‘Satellite Centres’ at local destinations in collaboration with the other song, where the academy offers video courses and monitored training to the students who cannot travel to the academy.
The academy is affiliated with World Institute for Sensation Homoeopathy (WISH) and with the Maharashtra University of Health Sciences (MUHS) Nashik with an objective to ensure systemic education, teaching and training in the field of Homoeopathy.
Testimonials from our visitors:

“THANK YOU for an amazing learning experience! I speak on behalf of myself and all the participants to say that we will remember this experience for eternity. The educational component was  outstanding and the best we have encountered so far in India (and maybe best anywhere). Also we felt so warmly welcomed and taken care of.  Everything was organized perfectly and our requests were met swiftly and perfectly.
 It was beyond our expectation! Now you know you have made us addicted to India! 
 I look forward to more visits...”
 - Nadia Bakir
B.Sc., ND, FCAH, DHANP, HMC, CCH, M.Sc. (Cand.)
Nadia is a naturopathic doctor and a full-time faculty member at CCNM.

“It was a delight to be invited to visit and speak at the other song in December. I have to congratulate you on the extraordinary space you have created. I have had the good fortune to teach in many clinics and colleges around the world but what you created at the other song is something very very special. It is not just clinic however it is so impressive. The Academy and the intention behind it is such a valuable development. At this time, where there are some challenges, obstacles and pressures internationally on the profession of homeopathy, it is crucial that we have common direction and some inspired leadership. Again congratulations on all that you have been able to achieve and all the best in the future.”

- Alastair Gray
Program Leader - Homeopathy
Endeavour College of Natural Health
The clinic
The clinic itself is dedicated to providing advanced homeopathic and the best medical care and treatment to patients, ‘Care Beyond Compare’ being our motto. Top homeopaths, modern medical practitioners and alternative healing practitioners collaborate to provide patients with a comprehensive and holistic care package. Practices like yoga, meditation, counseling, physiotherapy and nutrition are also included in the overall treatment recommendations at the clinic. The specialty unit on homeopathic management of diabetes aims to educate patients regarding prevention, and utilizes a holistic treatment approach such as homeopathic medicine, assistance from modern medicine practitioner, diet, exercise and foot care. Similarly, there is a rheumatology unit and a behavioural problems in children unit.
The clinic offers fee reduction to those who would otherwise be unable to benefit from its programmes. The other song also arranges free homeopathic camps, where doctors and residents treat numerous patients free of charge, in areas where there are many underprivileged and sick patients. And finally at this academy which deals with nature’s most delicate, sensitive and creators best gift the homoeopath which grooms with care an foresight, recognizing each ones potential and nurturing ones abilities in a better fertile environment. The clinic has affiliated with various organizations has peripheral OPDs including an OPD at BAPS Yogiji Maharaj Hospital, Ahmedabad, where the Consultants and Residents offer their expert services for healing the patients far and wide.

An appeal
At the other song, we are open to joining hands with like-minded colleagues. As we believe, it is time for us to unite and create a stronger and cohesive force that will not lead towards the upliftment of homoeopaths and homoeopathy. (

the other song – International Academy of Advanced Homoeopathy
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