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A remedy from the Terbium compounds
Case by Riek Taekema
Man, 76 years old.
He has grey style hair, clear separation, slightly longer than usual at that age, well groomed ring-beard, friendly.

For years sometimes one day a lot of snouts, then muzzle two packs of handkerchiefs full. Also sometimes at night out of bed and have to blow. This ±. since 8 years.
I experience this as very annoying, I can never go from the cold to the heat, because then I have to blow again.

I can't give a cause, 4 years ago I started living with a new girlfriend. I always have a box with tissues next to the couch.

When I was 57 years old I got fired from an American computer company, I had grown too old and got a bag of money with me. Then I started for myself and went on for a long time.

When I was still working for that company, nothing bothered me, otherwise I could remember, because I had to fly a lot in those days.

It looks like an allergy, but that has never been established. Not allergic to dust. I bought a very expensive vacuum cleaner with the best filters, but it makes no difference. The cavities are clean.

It's mainly the nose, watery snot and it also comes out spontaneously. "I am such an old man with a dripping nose". Sometimes I have to sneeze as well.

When I come back from the toilet at night I also have trouble. I am always very warm in bed. Also in the open air, so many snouts.

I have a lot of handkerchiefs in stock just in case, 5 packs of 10.

In 2003 I had a mild heart attack and two stents were placed. Since then I use some regular medications.

Furthermore I can do everything again, when I'm in Switzerland I just have to take it easy, because my heart rate doesn't exceed 110.

He says that his nose already bothered him before the heart attack.
Before the heart attack he was also shortness of breath, with angina pectoris. I went to see a cardiologist, everything was still fine then. Heart problems are in the family. Father and brother died of heart problems. He doesn't smoke himself, but father and brother do.

As a baby neurodermatitis, treated with iron-containing cooling water from the blacksmith. He is from a farmer's family.

1x bronchitis as a child and at 20 years of age mumps without consequences, after that 2 more children were born.

Started in 1967 in the computer industry, it was an American company. I travelled a lot for that company. Sometimes in the evening I got a phone call that there was a plane ticket waiting for me for Munich for the next day. One day there and back. I always liked that when I was travelling.

I studied singing and mathematics, I hesitated between a career in music or as a computer programmer. One paid 150,- per month the other 550,- + car. So I chose the car. Programming also seemed more interesting, it was new, we were the first, pioneers. I travelled all over the world to solve problems here and there.

Now I live in a living group, I am treasurer and have written an administration program for the group. This way I can still use my knowledge.

Sleep well most of the time, sometimes at night I think of things or solve problems.
For example, in my head I write a piece of music for my grandson and granddaughter, who have clarinet lessons. Or at night I think about the management issues of the living group.
I don't mind thinking about those things at night, I like that, actually, you don't get disturbed at night.

I'm good at understanding what someone else wants, which was an important part of my work as a programmer.

I grew up in the war and have very bad teeth, on the 18th a full upper bite, now only 6 front teeth among the rest is art. Undernourished during the war.

Good appetite, my (2nd) wife cooks very well and healthy, (vegetarian) I like to cut the vegetables. We never eat ready.
I love salmon, legumes, fried potatoes and a good glass of wine.
All of good quality, I've always earned well, so that's no problem.
Dislike of acid: yogurt sauerkraut etc.

Rather put on a sweater than the heater high. Cold bed is good, I warm up quickly.
I like cold milk.

I am a beta person. I hate people who don't obey the rules. Nobody gives direction in traffic anymore. It annoys me if the community is not taken into account. I hang coupons on the notice board so that others who are poorer can use them.

Difficult to keep in touch with stupid people, what are you talking about? I'll quickly finish talking. I have many interests and a phenomenal associative memory. I can tell a lot of stories about the past. I remember everything about my travels. Where I've been. Difficulty remembering names. I forgot my name, but I remember the conversation.

A number is very real for me, I recognize all prime numbers, a grandson of mine has Asperger, I recognize something in that.

I'm spiritual, but I think numerology is bullshit, I don't believe in magic. But maybe thought transfer is possible, I see something in that. I don't exclude things.

Fears: about the world that goes to pieces. Concerns about the environment, poor food quality, obesity, commerce. I support "awake animal". A good organisation.
Religion does a lot of harm, it is an institution. They could do better with the environment and food.

I'm not afraid to die, I lost a lot of blood when placing the stent, but I wasn't afraid. I thought: if I die, it's all right, I've had a good life. They shouldn't resuscitate me, I don't like that. And I want to be cremated, no more bullshit.

I worry about my Asperger grandson, but his mother handles it well. I'm more annoyed that this government is cutting back on education for these kinds of children.

I can be annoyed when people from the choir, in which I sing, have not rehearsed their party.

Two years ago I got divorced and remarried, I met M on the choir, I got on so well that we wanted to move on together. With my wife I was on a dead end, a lot of automatisms and habits, empty, watching TV and a glass of wine. I have good conversations with M., I have come to life. I became a vegetarian with her, I like that very much. I'm alive again.

She lived in a living group I now also live in.
I'm not a sportsman, but I like to walk and cycle. Active holidays in nature. With comfort, no camping. I'd rather cook for myself than go to a restaurant.

A true gentleman, attentive and thinking of everyone, fellow man, world, environment, universal man: music is very important to him (composing, choir), mathematician, pioneer in computers, travelling around the world for work.
Prescription: a Terbium compound remedy.

Follow up
Much less blowing his nose, only had two attacks in the last weeks, otherwise every day it does bother.
Sleeps better and in one piece, is no longer thinking at night, now does so during the day on lost moments.

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