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A remedy of Liliaceae
Proving by Ulrich Welte

Women in monastic seclusion under a yoke. Errors and confusions.
The plant originated in the Green Mountains of Vermont and was freshly rubbed after picking by a group of 5 women in 'cloistered seclusion'. The exam leader was Cynthia Shepard, 2011.
Cloistered seclusion. Nun or rather boogie dance? Twist and shout? No, you're harnessed together under a heavy wooden yoke; you have to learn to get along. Sensation of a heavy collar pressing on head and neck, head as in the pillory. Too proud to ask for help. Ask others only when all hope is lost, but then help comes from brothers and sisters. Tandem. Vow of silence. Flirtation through dance, boogie. Hysterical jokes. Uncontrolled laughter, loud fits of laughter, bordering on madness. Childishly free and spontaneous, playful, carefree. Juggles with potatoes. Sings a song as soon as a snippet of conversation triggers the corresponding song. Gossips and chats like a group of magpies. Speaks in an exaggeratedly animated, demonstratively loud or exaggeratedly soft whisper. Muddles through, spells wrong, hears wrong. Sees as if through raster glasses, some sharper, some darker; sees only what he wants to see. Kneeling: kneeling down, kneeling on a hard prayer bench.
Plant code: 633.66.05