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A remedy of Liliaceae
Case by Ulrich Welte.

Elderly woman with vaginitis in annular lichen ruber with itching and burning in the genital region, < at rest and at night, > when she is busy. It feels like a yellow-red, fiery, exploding energy, better with cold showers and swimming. Scratching and touching aggravate. Originally it was single brown spots all over her body, which started when she was travelling in her younger years with a boyfriend with whom she had pleasant sexual contacts and who then married someone else anyway. She married late herself and had previously easily defied sexual morals when it felt good. She had several passionate relationships, but always the man jumped off at the last moment.

Follow up
After a remedy of Liliaceae MK she feels better in a short time. The vaginitis gradually improves and is 70% better after one month. After 3 months it has almost disappeared. Things are also better in general. Her old grief about the past relationship and her marriage has disappeared. The remedy continues to work favourably for over a year and the mood is better.

Remedy sketch from Qjure: Constantly busy, bustling; chatty; involved in trivialities. The devil is in the details; trivial things constantly distract; others ask for favours and distract; work becomes inefficient; meditation difficult.

Clinical: Apoplexy; neuralgia; cough; tuberculosis; portal congestion; haemorrhoids; dislocated joints; muscle (fibre) tears, haematomas; grey hair, hair loss.
Plant code 633.54.09