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A remedy of Liliaceae
English: Twisted Lily; Clasping twisted-stalk; Stem-clasping knot-foot.
Clades: Liliaceae.

Cannot get rid of memories of early childhood masturbation, feels guilty and unclean. Twisted thoughts; knotted; sexual obsessive thoughts, of paedophilia; avoids children; avoids numbers 6 and 13. Exaggerated loud fits of laughter, hysterical, bordering on insanity, slips up. Gossips and gossips. Pride; kneeling down difficult.
Clinical: obsessive-compulsive disorder. Counting compulsion. Hysteria. Abdominal cramps. Constipation; diarrhoea during periods. Early childhood masturbation.

Name: Streptos = twisted, pous = foot. The flowers hang upside down under the leaves and the hangers have a strange twist. The rhizome is also crooked and knotty. Grows in the mountains, in the foothills of the Alps, on river banks, in gorges, along avalanche stretches. In southern Switzerland in mixed deciduous forests; in the mountains there seems to be a special relationship with green alders.
In aspect they are reminiscent of other Liliaceae.