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A remedy of Liliaceae
Woman, 25, cystitis
Young lady, very pretty, very unhappy, lot of neglect and bullying as a child and to some extent in her work, depressed, very anxious, big fear of vomiting, feeling the burden of responsibility and missing her parents a lot. She had been on a hormone implant since 13 years old!!! She developed cystitis after her boyfriend left her and was sleepless for 6 nights. The pain was worse at the end of urination. She had a history of cystitis.

Pain worse at the end of urination is a keynote of Sarsaparilla. Checking the wonderful the description and numbers (633.62.8) sounded a perfect fit for my patient’s disposition as well as physicals.

Follow up
After the remedy my patient had a wonderful night’s sleep, very restful and the cystitis resolved within a couple of days. Then she had some nausea (I gave her another dose then), and it all felt like she was going back through the layers of pathology. She had a depressed day on Sunday with the horrible weather but that night had beautiful happy dreams and woke up the following day feeling fine. She now feels great. Doctors have said there is no trace of cystitis infection, no nausea, no anxiety, no depression.
Pulsatilla helped a little bit and she came off the implant but didn’t last. Folliculinum did nothing. After Placenta her boyfriend left her.