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A remedy of Plantaginaceae
Woman, 35, desire to start a family
She is very strong and independent, refined, charming. She became pregnant of a divorced man, who lived door to door with his ex and the two sons. She could not get in his life fully, he could not disengage from his former family. She was very doubtful to leave her independent home for an uncertain future mixed up with the first family of her partner. She nearly resigned already and considered to stay alone and independent with the baby.

Lanthanides: independent, self-reflecting.
Silver: longing for a refined relationship.
Phase 5: outgoing quality, wants to live a full life.
Subphase 1: wanting to get in, very clear and without compromises.

Follow up
After a remedy of Plantaginaceae everything changed, she was able to let it be as it was and then her partner bought a new house for the new family in another village, quitted his job, started his own business and they are doing very well. It seemed as if both had needed the remedy to start a new life together.

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