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Woman, 55, depression.
She lives in a relationship for 20 years. She always wanted to marry her partner and getting his famous family name, but he does not want to, he is divorced and has 2 adult children. She is a refined person, was in psychotherapy for many years, self-reflective, open-minded, easy contact with others. Then she lost her job in a qualified leading position and she cannot decide to work in the famous business line of her partner or to start her own company. This situation makes her weaker and weaker, she cannot move forward or backward, she feels paralysed, getting more and more depressive.

Lanthanids: self-reflective, psychotherapy.
Silver series: culture, to have a special name.
Phase 5: outgoing, easy contacts.
Phase 1: not in the relationship, yes or no.
Stage 13: depression, half abandoned.

Follow up
After Russelia C200 she could completely changed her attitude, now she does not want any longer to become his wife, she started her own business, more self-confident, there now was a severe media campaign against her partner and she was the first time glad not to have the same name as he. Her new attitude to the relationship initiated a change in her partner, he started a homeopathic treatment too and the first time he thinks his position over.

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