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Case of a Rosa remedy
Male born 1949, married for 22 years, no children to his regret, loves his wife but couldn't help to fall in love with other women. The first years it was only platonic, but it came to a real relationship some years ago. After this ending it came to another etc.
He had a longing and a kind of restless nostalgia for
the perfect love. He used to lose himself in his new love and found himself
in a complicated situation. He didn't want to hurt his wife. He tended to depressive states.

After the Rosa remedy he went to live on his own, stayed very good friends with his wife and took care for her when needed. His other love-relationship was still there but he didn't loose himself anymore in it as he told, but looked for some acceptable construction.
His restlessness gone, he had a down to earth feeling without his changing moods and depressions and feels free and happy.

This last patient came to me in '96 with High blood pressure, frequent urination which bothered him a lot and back problems. Most of his problems dissolved during the 2 years that I saw him but the situation as I gave you above didn't change till he got his Rosa remedy.