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A remedy from the Praseodymium compounds
Man, 50, ulcerative colitis.
Man with thick big glasses, bald, about 50 years old.
He is the shopkeeper in The Hague who furnishes, nice shop with special furniture.
His wife is a painter, you see a painting of his wife in the back.
Has had the colitis for 25 years. Lots of diarrhoea and blood in stools. Now uses Pentasa.
Once started with a feeling of a stone in the stomach.
Lost mother-in-law.
Had to go in military service and didn't want to go. Then the colitis started! Lot of diarrhoea and mucus.
Hates being pushed.
Very shy. Hates to do presentations. With new people is even more shy.
He had a difficult relationship with his father. Father strict, he had to go to church. Difficult to have good contact with him. Did not have a good contact with mother. He thought Mother was a hypocrite, nice to the neighbours, but she is different from that.
Also shy at school.
Loves animals, especially dogs, flowers. Loves the sea.
His wife can't handle his own mother. He has 3 daughters. Youngest daughter in love with a bad man.

He does not reflect on the opinion of others. Is based solely on his experience. And then you opt for a mineral sooner.
He doesn't want to be pushed and you think of a Lanthanide.
Family of descent is Carbon series. Own family is Silicium series.
Ulcerative colitis is also more Carbon series and Crohn's disease is an enteritis and therefore a chakra higher and more Silicon series and in general more like a Sulphur compound.

Follow up.
After 6 weeks and 3 doses of a Praseodymium compound remedy his complaints of the colitis are much less, almost gone. As a reaction on the first dose her felt very energetic, as he got a boast of energy. It felt very nice and he feels very happy. He is more self assured. His Quality of life went form 25 to 100.
After 9 months he has almost no complaints. he is very happy. He is in general much more self -assured, speaks to people more open. His Quality of life went form 25 to 85

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