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A remedy of Plantaginaceae
Boy, 3.
He suffers from severe diarrhoea, green, undigested, watery stools. His father refuses to accept paternity and he lives with his mother, who is one of three daughters of a catholic priest. She suffered a lot from being raised up in poor conditions with her mother and sisters and being forced to hiding her father in public over many years. She is fighting a lot for justice and hates being dominated by dogmas and rules. She is studying theology and trying to bring change in the world of her father. Her little boy feels very special, he always is wearing a golden coloured cap and he has created a special language, which only his mother can understand.

Lanthanides: fighting against dogmas.
Silver series: feels special, clothes, language.
Phase 5: open minded, outgoing quality.
Subphase 1: trying to get in, naive.
Stage 10: proud and certain.
A remedy of Plantaginaceae: typical situation of an illegal child of a nobleman who was raised up by a lower class family.

Follow up
After a remedy of Plantaginaceae, repeated several times, he never had diarrhoea again, he started to talk normal and had no need for his special cap any longer.

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