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Piperales have become very important in my homeopathic practice. The essential theme is that of a neglected and abused child. It is a child that is unloved not appreciated and even beaten. Or a child that has been sexually abused by their parents, or other relatives and friends of the family and not being protected by their parents. It gives rise to a feeling of being unsafe, alone and bitter. Life is not fun anymore. They can have a lamenting quality, about almost everything. The neglect can take many forms. A parents can be absent because he has to work too much. Or a parent is sick, in a hospital or in psychiatric care. Or a child can be left alone in a hospital, not seeing his parents for days or weeks.
It can also be that they have seen this theme in others, like siblings and friends. Then it is often not that deep but still gives an imprint of nastiness.

Sankaran has presented boredom as the vital sensation that of Piperales. In my experience though boredom is not essential. It can be present in Piperales cases, but does not have to be so. The pain of being neglected can also express as bitterness or lamenting, or other forms.
In essence boredom is an aspect of Phase 6, so it can be present in many case outside of Piperales. Phase has the quality of a hangover, the felling of “the party is over”, the party then being Phase 5.

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