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Piper unguiculatum 622.63.12

A woman 35 y. becomes aggressive when she ingests sugar or sweets.
She suffers from psoriasis arthritis. It is so since her children were born, it is stressful for her, the worst is when they argue, because of the stress she needs sweets. As a child she was also very aggressive, she stood in her crib screaming until vomiting, in reaction her mother threw a wet rag in her face. She slept alone in her crib from the age of one to three. As a child, she was alone in hospital for an umbilical hernia operation. There she was so aggressive that she could not keep in her in bed. Her mother worked a lot and was not there, she was often with her nanny. The mother also privilege her younger brother. The nanny was an old aunt, there was no cuddling and also no kindness that was no real relationship it was just being supplied She quickly has a guilty conscience and therefore worked a lot for nothing in the past.

Carbon series: childhood; sugar.
Phase 6: neglected, alone, not valued, loveless handling, alone from.
1-3 y. in crib
Subphase 3: guilty conscience, privileged brother.
Stage 12: aggression, screaming until vomiting.

Follow up after 2 months:
After the first intake she was very depressed for a few days, which reminded her of her time as a student, alone in a strange city, where she felt alone and depressed. Her joint pain is better. She asks herself more the question what she wants for herself. She understood that she was never allowed to be herself, she always did what the others, the family, expected her to do. It was like a kind of theatre play. She wasn't allowed to be a child, everything had to be clean and tidy. She has changed a lot through the way she deals with her own children, she is funnier, carefree.

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