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Piper nigrum 622.65.08

Woman 42 year, had a breakdown three years ago after she had separated from her husband. Together they built up their building material business over many years. She was the one who did the most. She has always worked like a savage. She is very ambitious and wants to achieve something. In her childhood she had a drill (Military), she had to work a lot and there was hardly any spare time. If anything was not done to the satisfaction of the mother, she was punished.
From her mother, her aunt and her grandmother she always heard as a child how bad she is. The worst thing for her now is when she is alone at home. She wonders how this will go on with her loneliness, which is like blackness, as if it is over with her, this silence, she cannot stand it. She doesn't know what to do with herself alone on Sundays. Only money has always counted for her mother. Her father was warm and generous and always bought her everything. She likes being in big cities, going out for nice meals, enjoying life, that's what she likes. She likes to cook and eat. She is an expressive woman, with a full voice, in her way a strong woman.
She grew up mainly with her grandparents, her parents were both constantly busy with work. She was left alone as a child, she was always alone, she was always shifted around somewhere. She loves black pepper, which has to be on every meal.

Carbon series: grown up with grandparents.
Phase 6: shifted around, neglected, alone, not valued.
Subphase 5: ambitious, expressive, cooking, enjoying.
Stage 8: working a lot without free time, setting up a business.

Follow up after 2 months
Her quality of life has increased from 20 to 60. She is calmer and clearer, can stand being alone much better, knows how to deal with herself. She no longer clings to others, is more stable.

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