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Piper friedrichsthalii 622.65.06
Woman 45 has hypertension 180 over 104, which is combined headache and nausea.
She cries because of every little thing. She does not calm down internally, she talks incredibly fast and seems to be under high pressure. She is very ambitious and has started studying again. The study is the compensation for her own school time. In this she had always thought how bad she is, she therefore had suicidal thoughts.
She was always teased at school. Her family were always outsiders in the village, they were worthless. The teacher at school didn't like her. It has always been the case that everyone attacked them (her family of origin). The worst was her failure in school, since then she feels stupid and useless and makes herself a crazy stress to prove that she also has a value, hence now the study. Her mother always had to work with her grandfather on the farm and she was left alone in her room. She is afraid of the future, e.g. that her husband will leave her.

Carbon series: no value, fear of the future, childhood, crying because of small things.
Phase 6: Abandoned, neglected, alone, teased, worthless outsiders.
Subphase 5: ambitious, hypertension, under high pressure.
Stage 6: wants to prove that she is also worth something.

Follow up
Her Blood pressure is normal. She sleeps well, is no longer crying.
She is more confident in dealing with her husband. Her self-esteem has increased. Her quality of life has increased from 40 to 90.

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