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Piper auritum
Woman, 60, nervous.
She feels not good in herself, lacks ground under her feet. She can feel helpless as a small child, not grown up and not well-nourished and protected.
She does not take herself seriously. People in her environment take that over from her, especially colleagues. She feels alone. She uses a lot of energy to get attention, longing for recognition. So she always wanted to show everyone that she is good and right. She also often snubbed or provoked to achieve her goal.
As a child she was hospitalised for severe eczema, for months, treated with tar ointments, smelling terribly. She was never visited. She felt the many hands touching her like abuse. Other children called her the stinky one. From then she decided not to be hurt and insulted any more, to be acknowledged. She always tried to make people accept and love her, as a human being. She looked strong, proud, knowing her dignity, but still needing recognition from outside. She still is the little child, needing protection, weeping when criticized, having no real strength to stand it.
She blamed both her parents throughout her life. Always felt close to her mother as she could lean on her. But her mother was often not available as she was manic-depressive. Her father never took responsibility.
She smokes from the age of 13.

Carbon series: little child, needing protection, parents; lack of strength; secere eczema.
Phase 6: stinky tar; neglected, given away by parents; blaming father; abused; father irresponsible.
Phase 1: alone; mother manic depressive.
Stage 10: strong; proud, knowing her dignity; quite sur.

Follow up
After Piper auritum C30 she feels accepted and recognized. She feels nourished and protected. She is more sure and stopped questioning herself. She can completely stand up for herself: “Thank you Piper auritum !!!”. She stopped smoking shortly after Pieper auritum. She took a cigarette as usual, but suddenly felt completely lost with it, did not know what to do with it. It felt as she never had held a cigarette in her hand before in her life! Months later she once tried to take a sip from her girlfriends cigarette, but it was terrible! She never tried it again.

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