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Piper amalago
A woman of 50 has sciatica twice a year. It is extremely painful and she cannot move. It is better from pressure and worse from rising from sitting and turning around to bed. The pain is worse in the left lumbar region. It feels as a blockage in her right hip. The first time she got it when she was stressed from her first child. She felt helpless when she was her baby was weeping. She had felt despair thinking she was unable to do things well. She was asking herself what she was doing wrong, why she could not do enough.
She also has eczema between her fingers. It consists of small little vesicles which are itching very much. She has to scratch but then afterwards it is burning. She got the eczema for the first time when her first boyfriend wanted to have sex and she gave in. She could not say no, but afterwards it feels like a violation. She felt used, even more so when he separated from her after it had happened. She felt she was not interesting. In general she ask yourself why she cannot say no, why she tolerates such things.
This attitude of not being able to say no is connected with the feeling that she was an unwanted child. She was the fourth child and the fourth girl and the parents wanted to have a boy. She was a big stress for her mother. Her mother could not sleep due her weeping from abdominal cramps. She was too much and felt unloved. She even thought that he mother wanted to kill her, as she was too much. She felt not understood especially when blamed her when she had a conflict with her teacher.

She also feels doubts and helplessness in her job. She easily thinks that she cannot do it well enough.
She has some carsickness, but strong seasickness.
She is very sensitive.

She felt as an unwanted (Phase 6) and unloved (Phase 6) child (Carbon series) as she was a burden ( Phase 6) for her mother (Carbon series) and so she learned to give in (Phase 3) and not say no (Phase 3) thinking she is unable to do things well enough (Stage 5).
Plant kingdom: very sensitive.
Carbon series: eczema; stressed from her first child; unwanted child; helpless.
Phase 6: violation; used; unwanted child; unloved.
Phase 3: giving in; could not say no; tolerates things; felt not understood; blamed unjustly; carsickness; seasickness.
Stage 5: thinks that she cannot do well enough; doubts helpless; unable to do things well.
Prescription: 3-622.63.05, Piper amalago MK, 2 globuli every 2 weeks.

Follow up
After Piper amalago MK she is doing much better. Her backache and hip pain are almost gone and the eczema is also much less.
After half a year she feels stronger and more at peace. She sleep better. She has the feeling she has developed herself. Her quality of life has risen form 60 to 80.

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