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Piper aduncum 622.65.12
A 45 year old woman comes with a tightness in her throat. She has no peace and cannot relax. She gets angry very quickly with her daughter, explodes when she does not learn for school or does not fulfil her obligations fast enough. She puts her daughter under pressure, and cannot stop to do it, because of her fear she will not make her way. She easily has fears for the future, fears for her daughters, her husband that they will get sick and die. The feeling of tightness in her throat increases with the topics of illness, death and dying. It is the fear that something bad will happen. She cannot remember her childhood, there is a void, there was nothing, there was no love from the mother. Even today she still feels cold and uncomfortable near her mother. Her father was a man of life, he liked playing music, dancing and celebrating. She did a lot with him.

Carbon series: childhood, death, fears, disease, dying.
Phase 6: no motherly love, an emptiness.
Subphase 5: explode, pushy, no peace and cannot relax
Stage 12: anger.

Follow up after 5 months: The tightness in the throat has disappeared. Her relation with her daughter is good, her anger has disappeared, she does not put her under pressure anymore. Her fears are less. She is more relaxed.

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