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A Phylica remedy

A thirty-year-old woman comes because of migraines, usually she has this one day before the menses. She has to vomit until bile comes up, the pain is over the left eye, it is a stabbing, throbbing pain, as if someone with the knife sticks from insight out. Change of weather or too little drinking can also be a trigger. New situations such as going on holiday, too much sweets, thinking too much, little sleep can also provoke a migraine attack. The worst for her is that she can not properly care for her children. She has been biting nails for over twenty years now, which has begun in the elementary school. A thyroid disfunction was diagnosed in 2009.

Previously, before her children, she has to stay at home from work because of her migraine. Especially when pressure from her workload was too high. Today she enjoys her time as mother, her children are very important to her. She feels quickly stressed when she has made an invitation to friends and is afraid that she will not cope with the preparations and cooking. If her children need extra attention she than can explode, cries and scolds them. Afterwards, she has a bad conscience, is angry about herself that she has failed again to treat her children in the right way.

In the elementary school, she started the nail biting after she was mobbed. Two children who have repeatedly told everybody that she has lice, or simply other stories about her, which has discredited her, before her classmates. If her sons are quarrelling or be louder or being nasty, she immediately thinks that she has to correct this, with her upbringing. That her children should become more inconspicuous, because otherwise there is the danger that they too would be victims of bullying at school. She sees in her children her own pattern of behaviour, of becoming quickly angry, exploding and get easily into disputes.

She feels uneasy about the plans of her sister, who wants to move into their common house with her new friend, the flats are not clearly separated from each other and there are rooms that must be used commonly. She is angry about her sister and her spouse, because many things are self-evident for them, what they are not. This reminds her of her childhood, where in the house of her family the sister and brother of her father lived there with their families, too and there was always fights. This has left its marks on her, with these experiences she is afraid that this fights could also arise in her house again.

The situation in her childhood was that everybody in the house scolded everyone. There where always fights and disharmony in the family. There have been open disputes between the father and the other members of the other families. She often had sleepless nights and stomach pains from this fighting. Often the disagreements between her father and his siblings led to, that the father acted out his anger at her mother and than they start to fight too.

During this time, she learned to stand together with her siblings, in good and in bad times. She is a family person, but she fears that it comes to similar situations like in her family of origin. The situation that have prevailed in her family of origin, and her behavioural patterns that result from this, what she has been trying to get under control for twenty-five years, she sees now reflected in her children.

Father: An angry, explosive man, who has could beat her mother out of anger about his situation with his family in their common house.

Mother: She has always suffered from her husband's anger and was unhappy about the situation at home, and we had to endure her bitterness.

Desire: sweets, salty, sour.
Aversion: fat, spaghetti carbonara.

644.00 Fabidae: The fights between the siblings in the father's family is the starting point of her problem. She tries to solve these behavioral patterns for 25 years and recognizes this themes also in her children. Here we have a family in a village (Iron series), the family as a work unit (Iron series). The worst thing on her migraine is, that she can not care for her children as it should be. (Duty, task = Iron series)

644.60 Rosales: The situation is, that she is in a family where quarrels predominate, where no one feels respected by the other in his needs. Confirmation is the angry, fierce father (phase 6)

644.66 Rhamnaceae: There are disputes between siblings, violence, yelling in the family. People can not be trusted in principle, because it can come back at any time that one is bullied or mobbed. It can even happen too ones children.

644.66.07 Phylica pubescens: She has learned to hold together with her siblings in good and bad times. She wants to help her children. Siblings who are helping each other. (Stage 7).
Presciption: a Phylica remedy C30 later 1MK

Follow up after seven weeks
Her anger and her reservations against her sister have disappeared, she can not understand why this was a topic. I used to be nasty in certain situations, which is now no longer. With her children it is much better, "they are just children, they are just like that." She also says she is no longer so with the head through the wall, altogether more relaxed. Everything is much easier for her, the education of the children, the household and also in her relationship is even better. When her children argue, can wait now, and the quarrel often then dissolves by itself. She has not more migraine. The nail biting is also much better. For her, this is a big leap forward in her life. Quality of life has risen from 65% to 95%.