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A Solanaceae remedy
Woman, 25, psychosis.
Psychosis after Lsd, with a bad trip, another guy was shooting at dead animals.
Delusion being Jesus.
Dream: wolves were coming out of the parents house.
Delusion being persecuted, being spied on.
Siblings were shocking and frightening her, traumatised, bullied by them, making themselves as monsters, shocking her in the basement of the house.
Very clever.
Depression, anxiety, crying a lot.
Vertigo, feeling giddy.
Allergies, many
Weak liver.
Social anxiety.
Fear of meeting strangers.
Fear of being killed.
Fear what other will think of her.
Aversion eating, < allergies.
She has 3 older brothers.
Guilty, of mot having helped her parents.
Father became angry and yelling after he got bankrupt.
Dreams uncontrollable.
She is spiritually oriented.
School was boring, but she good results.
Tough, making long runs.
She was the smallest, so she always had to prove myself.
Fan of David Bowie

Lanthanide: spiritual.
Phase 3: vertigo, giddy.
Phase 7: psychosis, delusions.
Stage 6: tough; prove.

Follow up
Much better, already directly after the remedy. She felt different after half an hour. After a month her quality of life was gone from 40 to 85. She feels her life is changed, the remedy is miraculous for her. She is more confident, less a victim, has less mood swings.
The pressure behind her eyes is gone; breathing is better.
Her feeling that there is something wrong with her is gone.