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A Solanaceae remedy –
Male, 22 year, sclerosis multiplex.
He was diagnosed with sclerosis multiplex six years ago. He is treated by classical medicine however his condition got worse for the last half a year. He is very tired. He sleeps from 10 to 12 hours a day. His vision got worse. He has pricking pain as if from needles all over his body.
The problem started in time, when he needed to study a lot. He had a problematic friendship. His girlfriend was very demanding and he tried to please her. He says that he tries to please people his whole life. He cannot say no. His girlfriend was his only friend, he did not have other friends, because, as he says, he was more intelligent than others. While others like parties, he rather reads books.
He likes the Harry Potter series. He is interested in witchcraft. He tries to live spiritually. He does not like traditional churches, because there is an authority who says what we should do.
He has a girlfriend and he is in doubt. He does not know how to be himself in a relationship, because he has a pleasing tendency. He does not know what to do in his life. He wants to be a teacher, however his parents want him to take over their business.
He says he is very bipolar. He makes a mountain of a molehill. However he always takes it as a challenge.
He was in therapy where he went through his birth process. He felt that his mother abandoned him. He says that he always had a feeling that he was forsaken.

66 Asteranae – He tries to live spiritually, has an aversion to traditional church and authorities, he has autoimmune disease
665 Lamiidae – He wants to be a teacher, he says he is more intelligent than others
665.7 Solanales – He feels forsaken whole his life, he is bipolar, interested in witchcraft, likes Harry Potter
665.73 Nicotianoideae – He has a pleasing quality, cannot say no.
A Petunia remedy: He considers tasks of his life as a challenge

Follow up
After one month he says that he never felt better. He was never as happy as now. After the remedy he slept for 13 hours. For two days he had worsening vision. But he felt more energy. He is more free in his relationship. He says he never slept so well as now. In the past he woke up during the night frequently. He started to play sports. His backache diminished.
After two years he has no symptoms of sclerosis multiplex.