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Peperomia urocarpa
Woman, 45, cystitis and vaginitis.
She has vaginitis, which gives a burning pain. She had colonoscopy and after it had cystitis with bacteria's resistant to antibiotics. It is due to a Cesarian section, which blocks her energy.
She was a sweet, innocent child and girl. Her father, an alcoholic, hit a lot. "He almost destroyed my brothers. I never felt close to him". They had a large family with 8 brothers. She feels sad, with tears thinking about the abuse of her brothers. She felt helpless, when father was beating him.
Moreover, her mother had a sort of borderline personality. Her mother was a weak person, who said mean things to her. Her mother also had cystitis, pain with urination and backaches in waves. When her mother died, she felt sorry for her.
Her husband is a good friend but very conventional. He also has a tendency to be an alcoholic. she has a problem with the snoring of her husband.
Working with children is her passion. She is passionate with helping people, helping children from broken homes in their personal growth.
In her youth she had a lot of bronchitis, treated with antibiotics.
She is extremely sensitive to remedies.

Plant kingdom: sensitive; empathic to her bothers, and children from broken homes.
Carbon series: a sweet little girl; working with children is still her passion; abused child; never close to father.
Phase 6: abused; never close; alcoholic father.
Piperales: the neglected and abused child.
Subphase 2: mother is weak.
Stage 7: desire to help; helping; feeling helpless.
Peperomia urocarpa: 3-622.62.07.

Phase and subphase.
The phase is your back, what backs you up and the sub-phase is your front, what confronts you, what you come across.
Subphase is what you come across and the Phase is what you are.
belongs to the abused child.

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