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Peperomia hoffmannii
A boy of 14 eczema with itching and has to scratch it. He sometimes has a kind of faintness, as if becomes black before his eyes, especially when he is rising or stretching his arms.
He has a problem with his father. His father can be angry at him, blaming him that he is sitting inside instead of going outside. His father Is very busy with his work and reconstruction of their house and has no time for the family and children. He never makes it cosy. And this lasts already for five years.
He feels neglected, having a shortage of attention from his father. He is also angry at its father, but if feels powerless to change it. Sometimes he expresses anger.
He feels bitter that there their house is in reconstruction al those years.

Carbon series: father; eczema.
Phase 6: neglected; no attention.
Phase 2: powerless.
Stage 13: sometimes he expresses anger.
Prescription: 3-622.62.13, Peperomia hoffmannii C30.

Follow up
After Peperomia hoffmannii he feels much better. He has more energy for learning for his school. He is less disturbed by the attitude of his father. His father is thanking him when he helps him with some jobs. He is more quiet.

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