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A remedy form Apiaceae
Case by Michaela Zorzi

Man, eczema.
He came for eczema, since 8 years. It is on face and a chest, and worse under stress. It does not look like eczema, it are very small and meshy spots, 1 cm big, as a sieve.
He is divorced, which grieved him very much. He also lost his children, could see them only every two weeks. He feels as if his children are stolen by his wife, kidnapped, like a robbery, sudden and surprising. He feels like his wife has attacked him. He lost his ground, it was so sudden.
He is not very talkative, very closed and hard.
He is actually a sensitive man with good qualities, that's why he suffers so much when he only sees the children every 14 days and then has to give them back.

Impression: serious, emotionally flat, monotone, heavy, introvert.
Strong, expressive face with strong assertiveness, but also brutal, as if from the security service or soldier.
Main complaints: headache, backache and a rash like ichthyosis.
He prefers the colours black and red.
Hobbies: playing trumpet.

Series 6: strong assertiveness.
Phase 7: divorce; being robbed, stolen.
Apiaceae: serious, emotionally flat, monotone, heavy, introvert; prefers black.
Prescription: A remedy form Apiaceae, 3-666.77.17.

Follow up
After few hours already tongue was getting warm, lasted a few days. He dreams about the firm where he was employed.
In the beginning his skin was more itching, but further unchanged. After 2 weeks later the skin has healed.
His girlfriend says that he is exceptionally different, taking remedies so regular; he has never so done before. He became more social, easier to be with. His will has improved, he no longer puts things off, tackles them. He has overcome his inner weakness, his lower self, “den inneren Schweinehund” as he said.
His headache was better. His back pain is the same.