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Case: Nierembergia scoparia 665.73.07

Man 50 y. recurring numbness, tingling and coldness, of hands and feet; < damp cold, overexertion; often dizzy;

He has had a hard youth, his father had the point of view that his children are there to work. The father was traumatized by the war, has had itself a difficult childhood, up to 14 years throughout the year no shoes, and later as the patient was five years old, the father had an accident with a severe head injury that made him even more brutal. He said to the 5 year old child, when he does that again, he would beat him death and bury him in the garden in a hole. Moreover, many horror stories were told in the family, so he could often sleep only with light. This he still does when he is alone at home and feels frightened.

The patient describes himself as very helpful, he could not refuse to give any help, he had always to help, what usually makes him busy 7 days a week from early morning until the evening. He can not stop until the things for others are fine. He would feel guilty, if he would not help. He cares for his father who is now in need of care, is available every day at 4:30 in order to wash and put him cloth on, and goes into his work. „We have been educated like this, that what you are told you are doing - but today I decide for myself.“ He can not say no when asked for help, even when he knows that he never will get anything back.

The mother, a peace-loving, always helping woman had to endure a lot, was often used, and was the last 30 years of her life very depressed.

His father always made him feel guilty automatically for everything and he was beaten for it immediately. He had done everything for the family and always does, because it is for his mother. The father never appreciated him.


Lanthanides: wants to decide for himself

Phase 7: (Father) Beaten to death and buried, brutality, traumatized by war;

Solanales: Horror stories, light

Subphase 3: Peace loving, enduring a lot (Mother); automatically guilty, dizzyness,

cannot say no, never appreciated;


Stage 7: helping

Follow up: after 3 month, live-quality from 20% - 75%, Now I`m I; Much more self confident; He can say no now, and therefore not busy all the time anymore, he can relax now; People around him telling him that he has changed; Now he goes, when his father is nasty.

The numbness and the tingling are much better. No dizziness anymore.

I think Nierembergia is in stage 7 of the Nicotianoideae (665.73). The theme of the Solanales (665.70) is clear. Also the Phases and Subphases are clear confirmed by how the patient experienced his fahter and mother.

Do you agree with me about the stage of Nierembergia ?

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