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A remedy of Myristicaceae
Case by Roxana Ratera Alonso (translated by Saskia Kloppenburg Vieth)

Male, 63 years old. Crisis of alteration of consciousness.
He’s professor at university and Tai-chi master. Married for 20 years, this is his 3rd relationship. He has a son and a daughter, each from one of his previous relationships. Currently, he lives with his wife and her daughter who he is bringing up as she was his own child since she was very young.

Patient: “There is something that happens to me regularly. I call it “precipitations”. They are becoming more and more frequent.
Its something that comes from inside, and many images that I recognise are speeding up. When I notice that I am in this thoughts, An emptiness comes into my stomach and I feel beaten. this comes with vertigo.
It’s like the images were coming in increasing speed. This can be triggered by an odour, an image or a thought.
It happened first at the age of 30.
It’s a change in consciousness and perception. At the beginning, I followed the images, now I am capable to stay in two places at the same time and to continue doing what I was doing. My wife notices it, she says my face changes.
I have always thought that hypnosis would be good to explore the subconscious. I’m not scared, I find the inner world fascinating, and even more if it’s linked to the spiritual world. I like introspection, it’s a state that comforts me and give me the balance back, since I was 9 years old.
Twice, it happened to me while I was asleep, and I could detect it. I felt like leaving the body, the separation of the two consciouses.
In addition, for 12-13 years I have been suffering from lumbalgia at the end of the semester. It’s painful, but I have it under control, although its a weak point.”

His wife relates that when it happens to him, his face is more inexpressive and his actions become slower. She also adds something that the patient hasn’t said: He has, according to her, an explosive character, that he only shows at home. If something gets in between his plans, although he accepts it, he bursts in anger. When this happens, he shuts himself away in a very small room (which she calles zulo) and desist speak to anybody for a few days. He only communicates by WhatsApp. He keeps that way until she finally convinces him to come out using some excuse. After that he his soft, but the problem stays undiscussed.

After a long journey he is unwell, scared because the “precipitations” are very continuous, and in tears he explains: “I feel as I would faint, like dizzy. I take my wife’s hand and it get’s a little better. The sensation is like leaving, like loosing conscious. With nausea and physically restless. It all keeps on during the dream.
….with images, like being in two places at the same time. There were images of another …… (his voice breaks before he cold pronounce the words world/life), I’m here and there.
Sometimes with a smell or flavour of coriander. As if I was on a trip.
This morning I experienced a strong pressure in the chest and when she put her hand on me, I couldn't withhold the tears and I talked a lot about felling the guilt, and needing to be forgiven, and about the musical experiences.
I want to do spiritual activities, peregrinate, plant trees…. I felt the pain of the Earth (while saying this he had goosebumps and tears in his eyes). It’s a necessity of reducing the biological impact and help healing this planet.
I feel irritable because this world is so destructive, I feel anger and start crying.
While I’m asleep I feel I’m in two places at the same time, even while asleep I’m conscious. Being in two worlds!
I feel confuse. The sensation of not knowing where I am and where I belong to. I get lost. I need to grasp somebody to say “I’m here” and avoid dissolving.”

A EEG was performed showing the following conclusion:
We isolated graphotypes of epileptiform morphology of low amplitude in anterior temporal and left medial location.

The most affected is the Carbon’s serie. He seems a little child, scared, unsure and ending protection, who relates his suffer in tears, making effort in not loosing himself in his thoughts.
Class: Magnolianae (2), subclass: Magnoliidae (2).
Phase: a strong person of convictions, responsable, with lumbalgia. He said he resembles his mother who was the one who provided stability to the family. Since the age of 9, he seeks his centre, the balance, rebuilding himself. All these are qualities of the central state on carbon and therefore indicates phase 4: Magnoliales.
Subphase: clearly visible in in childhood and submersible as “I’m tolerated by my father but I don't feel loved so I leave, despite it hurts me and makes me angry, because as despising my desires, he despises me”. This indicates the Subphase 6: Myristicaceae family.
Stage: Necessity for introspection, the fact that he hides in a small room to remaking himself, indicates stage 4.

After some doses of the remedy of Myristicaceae 200 K, the improvement has been gradually and steady. He didn't have any further “precipitations”.
Follow-up EEG one year later stated no alterations.