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Male, 35 years, married, 2 children

His wife is in treatment as well, and from her the homeopath knew that they quit their job and sold their house to go on a sabbatical trip in nature for about a year. He comes for a first consultation after this trip.
He is a very talkative guy and it's hard to interrupt him. Even though he sees the homeopath for the first time, he immediately starts telling his story while sitting down, without being asked anything.

This was quite a big decision. My wife is suffering because she's crying a lot, our life was too hectic and busy, she wanted a change, but now we're without any property. We had to make a decision, if we want a break we have to do it now. But in general we're happy we've done it.

My wife is a bit different, I could live on a farm. But with children, they have to go to school. My wife is very materialistic. Now we live in an apartment, it's only 100 sqm, she's suffering from the limitation. With a greater house she's afraid she might have to clean a lot.

The problem is I have a rash in my face (looks reddish and dry). When I was young I had a lot of throat infections, when we were on the trip no one was ever sick. With this skin I went to different dermatologists, sometimes it's very dry and it cracks and bleeds and hurts a lot. People look at it. Now I have a cream, a neutral one (mentions a brand name), very itchy, especially when it dries out. I have the cream beside my bed and have it always on me, I need to put it on all day long. When I don't, it becomes thick like an elephant skin and extremely dry. I have tried cortisone cream, but when I stop them it comes back. I had this when I left for the trip but then it went away because of the climate change. Your body is adapting. The whole year in nature, nothing, and then when we were back, within a couple of months it came back.

Not that I have stress, I'm a busy guy in commercial projects. We don't have financial reserves. I didn't want to start immediately to work full time again, so that the children can adapt.

It sounds like you're in a period where things are undecided? You don't know where you want to go?
Yes, I'm the one who makes the decisions at home, I'm domineering. My wife needs someone like this. But I never decide anything she doesn't want. And I can persuade her. It's hard work to take her out of her comfort zone. For this trip she was stressed, fell ill, but then she relaxed and it was fine. Even my son said Daddy, that was the most beautiful thing I've seen with the stars in the sky.
We work in this village, I used to work in my father's car dealer shop. Now I changed my vision/philosophy and would like to live in a different place. It took me years until I decided this trip.(He tells how the idea of the trip came about, in what situation the children were. He wanted to have a life of relaxing, enjoying.)
Then we made a list of things what we want.

Yes, project lists. We use them to be as conscious as possible of the things we plan, so we get the maximum out of our lives. When you're in this roller-coaster of society you're not able to fulfil your ideals a 100 percent. In my job I'm not as good as I expected to be. My wife could go back to the job she had before. We're not gonna stay out of work the both of us. Now she has to take this job, later she can apply for another job.
The job I'm doing now is only for a time, although I'm good at it. But I have a passion: mountain climbing. Especially because climbing with children provokes a gigantic fear in people. And it's the best test for a relationship.

em>Project lists?
We do this together with the children. My parents divorced when I was a child. They had many fights before and after their divorce, I heard all these fights and shielded my emotions. I never knew the emotion of love when I was a child. I only got to know it with my wife and her father, Peter. Peter told me I was too much in my head and tried to control everything. So I worked on that. And started to realize in what kind of life I was and then the decision came about the trip.
I read books of spiritual teachers and saw a presentation of the power of intention and understood the art is to manifest your intention, make it happen. One way of doing this is the project lists, making your intention happen.

em>Your parents divorced when you were young?
One day my father threatened my mother with a knife to her throat. My mother was very protective and gave me love. Also my father, but with him it was mixed with pity. He was never able to say I love you. I always tell my children I love you. And you can see the effect on the children.

Although we made this business together he's unable to say anything like this. When I was planning the trip I was hoping he would tell me Enjoy it! Have a good time! And thanks for everything!. But he didn't.

Then we had a gathering before the trip and the whole family was there and it's the moment to leave, and I wanted to hug my father, and he started crying and crying (patient also starts to cry). Then I knew I had my father back. These three rational men (with his brother), it had to come to all that, that made my trip worthwhile.

Do you have any fears, anxieties?
I have a big idea that everything will be alright when you think positive. (Thinks a long time). I used to live from day to day. I used to be scared even before I left for my trip up to the level of panic. I was always making lists, I attended survival courses. I didn't want to do all this, my wife was so afraid, that everyday I sent her pictures of idyllic places and told her we will go to these places and be all by ourselves there. And there I am crying on my way home because I don't want to do this. It was sheer fear we're gonna die!
Peter became my coach, I was so afraid, we had sold the house and quit the job, gave up all security and with the children... He helped me, fear is the devil. When we were out there in nature, one night one of the children fell in a hole and broke an arm. But thank God I could think clearly.

Any other fears?
As a child I was afraid my mother would die. I remember clinging to my mother very much, I really had to break free from her. She's a caretaker and was like a hen on her egg with me.

What are you sensitive to?
Fundamentalist groups, all this hatred, something that is growing, spreading under us like a cancer. My masterplan with the trip, not that I wanted to leave, but with the children getting used to not be home, maybe we could have travelled to America and started a new life there. But my wife didn't want that. Now I wonder what would have happened had we gone on to America.

Anything you're sensitive to?
When grown up people quarrel, because my parents fight so much. I start boiling inside, want to stop them and tell them, don't you know what you're doing to your children?!. I can become angry. Same with youtube films, I can't see people suffer, a two year old baby thrown in the swimming pool to see how long it's fine. I'll throw you in the pool with a stone tied to your foot and we'll see (on the verge of weeping). Fundamentalists already teach children how they have to kill people. And they see this decapitation and it's only a nonbeliever and they throw them in a well. It is breeding monsters.

For me it was a good thing to be free of all the possessions, to be relaxed. Now I have the streams of thoughts in my head in the morning. When I was there the only thing was nature. And there's a lot of love, no financial worries, lots of time for each other and nice things to do for each other.


The patient is a lively and talkative person. It's hard to know what the problem(s) is/are, as he's jumping though topics. This suggests a 3rd dimension remedy (plants and animals). Although it sounds a lot like 2nd dimension (bacteria, viruses, minerals, stones, gems) in the beginning: the issues are position in society, money, work income, family etc. and he uses mineral words frequently. However, his message in the examples is not one of loss/lack/need of stability, meaning, role, grip, to build his existence upon but an 'emotion': affection, warmth, love, fear, panic, grief, damage, cruelty (to children), enjoyment, passion...

He has a woolly way of telling things, he's affected by a whole host of things, tells many stories, so we are looking for a plant remedy. There are no signs of competition, which would hint an animal remedy.
On many occasions he mentions a strong attachment to his parents. Love from my mother, afraid she'd die, wanting love from his father which he claims he never received. The trip was made worthwhile for him just because he got his father back (even before going on the trip). On top of that, in spite of having witnessed his father threatening his mother with the knife and all the fights between them, he nevertheless works with him selling cars. Apart from that, in various occasions he mentions his concern for children in general and his children in particular.
In an ideal situation, which was for him the trip in nature, his rash disappears and everything was good. This experience is described as there's a lot of love, no financial worries, lots of time for each other and nice things to do for each other.

All that indicates a Silicon series theme. As the main concerns only revolve around his relationships and love, the indicated order is the Liliidae (633).
His subjective perspective of his position in his peer group is that he's domineering. He was pushing his wife to go on this trip; Phase 4, leading to Zingiberales.
He's very communicative, enthusiastic, wants to develop, and expresses all this quite voluntarily; Subphase 5, resulting in Zingiberaceae.
Regarding his way of dealing with problems, he's very insecure. As soon as he began with the project of going on the trip, he started panicking, attended courses and needed support from his father-in-law. That is Stage 2.=> 633.45.02 Musa paradisiaca, Musa sapientum, Musa acuminata

Follow-up after 3 months

He had allergy tests, they were all negative. His rash was much better until they went on a holiday trip in the snow and every morning he woke up with swollen eyes. Now back home it's better but his skin is still very dry and very red.
=> Musa acuminata 1 M

Follow-up 1 month later

Last dose improved a lot, actually it's gone. I do have the idea it's coming back. Should I take the remedy again?
=> no rx

Follow-up 5 months later

Okay for the whole summer. Days become colder and it came a bit back.
=> Musa acuminata 1 M

Follow-up 4 months later

The last dose caused an aggravation, after which he had a clear improvement. No further complaints.

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