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Case Morus remedy
by Michaela Zorzi

Woman, 45, depression.
She was suffering from a depression for 10 years. Her main complaint is her family, her husband and the two daughters. She always feels limited by them, by doing a lot of work for them. She feels not appreciated, rather abused by them. She would prefer to spend more time in her own praxis as a family doctor, but she is lacking the courage and the energy for doing it. She always is dreaming of a joyful life without so many duties but feels completely without hope to be able to realize it. She is lost in thoughts, dark mood, listless. Her mother had 5 children and was exhausted her whole life and bored by her household. Her father was a well known successful doctor, so it seems that she is repeating her family history in a way.

Iron series: daily work, family matter, household, village.
Phase 6: feeling abused by her family.
Subphase 5: longing for more, doing something special, enjoy life.
Stage 14: hopeless, depressive.

Follow up
After the Morus remedy 1M she has fallen in love with an unreachable man. Out of a sudden she felt so much energy to change her life, she told her husband about her feelings and they started a psychotherapy. She completely stopped taking antidepressants and six months later she had the courage to discover her husband having a liaison with another woman for years. She got divorced, changed her attitude towards her children. They are doing much more now in the household and she intensified her praxis. Even the relationship to her ex-husband is relaxed, she feels free.