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A Lamiaceae remedy
Remedy code: 3-665.54.09
Case by Tomas Vyboch

Woman, 19 years old, fatigue and fear of exams.
She is very tired. She studies medicine. She is overwhelmed by studying and cannot cope with stress. In past she was able to talk in front of three hundred people, now she cannot.
It started when she had an oral examination with a chief physician. She failed and since then she is very insecure. The second time she failed an exam, when was with another doctor. She started to tremble in front of the doctor and her nose started to bleed.
She is not nervous, when she has exams with teachers, however, when she has them with doctors, she cannot manage it. She considers doctors as role models. “They are the intelligence of the nation” she says. She has a feeling she is not intelligent enough. In class, she was always one of the best students.
She wants to study medicine because she wants to help people. She understands that she has a lot of expectations of herself. However, also her family has expectations. Her father was never satisfied if she had not best grades at school. She has a very good relationship with her mother. They are like friends.
She wants to have the best grades, the biggest house, and a glittering car.

Lanthanides, 660: Asteranae, she wants the help people.
Silver series, 665: Lamiidae, she wants to be a doctor, doctors are “intelligence of nation”.
Phase 5, 665.5: Lamiales, everything is too much, she wants the best grades, the biggest house, glittering car, she put big pressure on herself, similarly to her father.
Phase 4, 665.54: Lamioideae, she is friends with her mother.
Stage 9: 665.54.09: Fails on the exams, anticipation anxiety.
Prescription: A Lamiaceae remedy.

Follow up
After the remedy, her complaints are gone. She feels not stress during the exams; she is no more tired. Other remedies had no effect.