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A remedy of Loganiaceae
Case RS, by Lynn Smith .
First seen 27/2/15
Patient is female, 53 years old. Brown eyes, pixie smile.
Presenting complaints Headaches, tearfulness.
Headaches of 3 days duration, begin with light sensitive eyes with visual disturbance, and pain in eyes from splash of water in shower. Pains around eyes like a sleeping mask. As if brain confused, in a fog. Onset about 25 years ago when husband played away with one of her friends while she was in hospital giving birth.
Describes herself as highly strung, emotional, cries easily - in private. (cries all through the interview.)
Other physicals: Lichen sclerosis on perineum, Cold sores. Fungal outbreaks on fingers, area feels thin skinned, itchy.
Thirst, drinks 9 cups of tea daily, plus frequent water.
Food, likes sweet cakes with cream though feels sick after. Likes hot chips. Constipation from coffee. Dislikes salads.
Sleep, finds it hard to quieten her mind. Thinks of something to do and finds herself out of bed although had no conscious decision to move.
Back pain, sees a chiropractor regularly.
Her father left home when she 9 years old. It had a huge effect on her. She felt mother was ashamed of her. Stepfather was very much loved. ‘My Heart Dad”.
Betrayed by first husband three times. Divorced.
Remarried after 10 years. Lost everything in a business collapse. Most mental stress ever. Had to hide from people. Could not walk outside. Went to see doctor, but waited outside in the gutter because she could not bear the people in the waiting room looking at her. Felt like a 5 year old, as if she needed to be told off, sent to room. Stupid, your fault. Like the ant stomped on by an elephant. Feels in crisis the whole time. Feels like crying the whole time but embarrassed to cry in public.
Likes gardening. Cries throughout the interview.
First prescription a Natrium compound remedy.

Feels tearful the whole time. Has a lump in her throat and tries to hold it in. Never sobs. Feels like a 5 year old. Wobbly chin. Feels vulnerable. Worse for sympathy.
Has had no headaches.
Huge grief. What am I doing, what is the point of life; husband does not want to be looked after. Cared for mother, dying, family were nasty to her. Unmotivated. Resentful of husband. He lives away weekly, does not contribute. I never feel good enough. I don’t make friends easily because of past betrayals. Does not talk about own problems, keeps the focus away from herself in conversation. I feel alone, unsupported, no-one to help me. You get what you deserve. Cries all through the interview.
Prescription a remedy of Loganiaceae and follow with a Natrium compound remedy again in 2 weeks.

Analysis followed
Similar to a remedy of Loganiaceae but her crisis was as a result of business collapse, loss of money, loss of position.
Plant family: love of flowers, gardens, unstructured, not formal, cycle of life.
Phase 2: adapting, inadequate, parent, spouse, unsupportive, not there.
Subphase 4: duty, responsibility, carer
Stage 15, Loss, Failure, Bankrupt, Bitter.
But there is no 15; closest is 16, a remedy of Loganiaceae. Order the remedy.

Still no headaches, threatened once in a situation of sensory overload.
Light sensitivity continues. When crying feels like a 5 year old, desire to hide under the table.
Relationship with spouse: I feel on my own. I’m walking on broken glass. I don’t feel cherished.
With mother I was not noticed, she used the wrong name, Could not talk with her.
As a 5 year old? The feeling is shame.
Cried throughout interview.
Prescription. Repeat the remedy of Loganiaceae.

Much more in touch with feelings.
Coped with 3 funerals in a week.
Never felt safe with birth father.
My core has been ruined, “I am annoyed”
A feeling of not being good enough “I’m bloody annoyed about that”
At work “ I’m not quite in the circle, outside looking in, being excluded, not part of any group.”
Is doing OK on the remedy. But “ I can’t find calm, I feel fragile.”
She cannot cope with any criticism at work.
Sleep is OK.
Tearful in interview.
Prescription: the remedy of Loganiaceae.

First day after remedy was very tearful.
Now feeling good.
Hands are better. Perineal area not itching.
Diarrhoea since 3 weeks.
Feels lighter. Able to speak out at work about her feelings. Amazed herself at being angry and showing it.
Less emotional; able to shake it off. Calmer. Feels more in control.
Cried briefly at end of interview only.
Prescription: repeat the remedy of Loganiaceae.

31/8/15 by email.
“Wow! Loved that treatment.”
Feels in control, on top of things. Calm, methodical thinking.
Able to deal calmly with a confrontation at work.
Feels worthy. Positive, realistic.
“I feel in charge of myself”

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