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A remedy of Magnoliaceae
Woman, 48, mycosis fungoides
Case by Ulrich Welte

The skin was the actual complaint for which she came to me, but it was diagnosed as parapsoriasis and treated with topic steroids without success. She has mycosis fungoides in her cervical region and arms, round, circular spots of 3 centimeters. The day after she was at another skin specialist who diagnosed the same thing.
She was at the brink of death. After a heart infarction, she was operated and given stents, was in coma for weeks with lung failure and artificial breathing, but she survived. She said as first words: I do not have much time left. She had open tuberculosis 20 years ago. Her sedimentation rate is higher than 100 in the first hour, CRP 150, she is anaemic and in a very difficult state. But she denies this state and tries to dogde, a very difficult situation for her and the doctors concerned.
Her grandmother was her mother in her youth, because her parents had died in an accident when she was 2 years old. This grandmother nearly died just before the patient fell sick, and she connected her disease with this event because she loved her very much.

Magnolianae; not raised by parents.
Stage 15: tuberculosis.

Follow up
After the remedy of Magnoliaceae she had a severe reaction with perspiration and diarrhoea and then very fast improvement of her skin condition, which formerly was constant for years. It has to be seen if she has enough substance to survive. She also tried to deny the improvement, still full of mistrust, but now she admits: “actually it is much better today". The situation feels like you save a person in a most difficult condition and she almost regrets having to admit that homeopathy had helped her.