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A remedy of Plantaginaceae

A sixty-year-old woman comes because of her cough. The mucus in her throat irritates her constantly and make her coughing. She has this complaint for about four years, they are all the time and worst is lying in bed, because the mucus runs then down inside her throat. When exerting she is coughing continuously. The expectoration is whitish, yellow. She mentions that she is drug-mediated because of her bipolar affective disorder, (manic - depressed = impulsiv, Phase 1, DD.Lithium compunds) she gets for it Lamictal (Lamotrigine), Quetialan (Quetiapine), Citralopram (Serotonin readoption inhibitor) and because of the Thyroid gland Novothyral (Triiodothyronine).

If she has her "hyper-phase" then she feels very good, working is than terrific, she has a senior position in a social institution. She has already done many different jobs with a lot of enthusiasm and success. She is incredibly emphatic and makes contact very quickly with her fellow men. She then organizes everything for others, assumes every responsibility, for example for her sick father, she makes appointments with the doctor, his supervision, all official affairs, etc. run the hole of her father. (Phase 5 = Enthusiastic and Phase 1 = impulsive)

She can regulate her mindset with her medication. (Lanthanides) When she has a depressive phase she does not want to live anymore and spends the weekends in bed. Without her children she would have already made suicide. Her bipolar affective disorder began 15 years ago, two years after the divorce from her husband. They were married for 25 years. She had a nervous breakdown and was in a clinic for two months. After this she had to learn to walk again.

She likes to be among people, enjoys to go out to restaurants, goes with friends to the theatre, cinema. She likes cooking and delicious food and for this she likes to invite friends for dinners. (Celebration, gourmet = phase 5)
She is politically and socially very committed, (Lanthanides) advocates a stronger influence of women in politics (Lanthanides and silver series). She holds lectures in front of a large audience and organizes official meetings for their organization. (Phase 5)

In her marriage, she has constantly tried to live a marriage at all (trying to live a marriage = phase 1) She tried to be as he wanted her, because of this she has pushed herself back. (Phase 5) During the week she has worked to provide the family and on the weekend she spent depressed her time in bed. She has tried to survive this marriage. She has always liked to laugh and was the life and soul of parties, (Phase 5) for this she was criticized from her husband.

There was always only this man (phase 1 = one, one-sided, naiv) for her, she was so in love, she would have died for this love. (DD Adoxaceae 666.61?) He was not a partner at all (phase 1), he is a Narcissist and an Egomane. He had fixed ideas of a family and how this family should be, and she has to act to his wishes. If she did not fulfil his expectations then there were fightings, for the sake of peace, she did what he wanted. After some year she realized that she can exist on her one and divorced.

Previous she has no self-confidence, it was difficult for her to go alone to a restaurant. She had to work hard in facing and to just went over her fears. For this reason, she has visited many workshops to confront herself with this fears. She always has overcome them. (Stage 6)

Childhood: She has not been seen for what she was. She and her sisters have been used by their parents for their self-presentation. She was the eldest of three daughters and we always had to wear the same clothes, there was no space for individuality. (Silver series = wants to be seen as individual or special ). She wanted to study to be an interpreter (Silver Series) but her parents thought she had to study Biotechnology. Her parents had a difficult marriage, "that was like with drugs, they could not without, but also not with each other. It was a constant back and forth, love and hate…. (An impulsive, manic relationship)

Father: He was a lion from the zodiac, who liked to be a lecturer, he was little at home, and when he was at home, just he was talking. He was an expressive enthusiast, with him she discussed al lot and learned a lot from him. He wanted me to study. He did not want her to think about her appearance, and she took her self-confidence in her appearance. "There were often stupid sayings about how I look, about my figure.“ (Phase 5)

Mother: Her mother was never there for her, she was busy with the survival of her marriage. She was an impossible person, has always been everywhere, by all means. She could be totally theatrical, deliberately causing fainting attacks, and if nothing went, she threatened to throw herself in front of the train. (A manic or impulsive mother = phase 1) As a baby, she has been given by her mother to the grandmother on every occasion. (DD Magnoliales, Piperales). The patient always wanted to be a single child, or grew up alone with her grandmother, so that she would be valued once (silver serie, as someone wants to be noticed). The grandmother, was more my mother than my biological mother (DD.Magnoliaceae) (phase 1 = alone without mother, DD. Nat -m.)

General: her is always warm; Hot flashes; <3-4 o'clock at night; Hypertension

Desire: meat, salty


Lamiidae 665.00:
Reflected, can describe what problems she has and what is related to. She was never seen by her parents as someone special. (Silver series) She regulates the condition of her illness with her medicaments herself. (Autonomy = Lanthanides) She is interested in politics (Lanthanides), she is there for the influence of the women (Silver series, the culture that makes a difference between the sexes)

Lamiales 665.50:
Her situation as she experienced it = Phase: She has already exercised many different jobs with much enthusiasm and success. She is incredibly emphatic and makes contact very quickly with her fellow men. She then organizes everything for everyone, accepts every responsibility, she is an enthusiast. The acknowledgement is her father, the speaker who likes to be self-depicting (DD. Nitrium compounds). (Phase 5) (celebration, gourmet = phase 5)

Plantaginaceae 655.51:
She is impulsive, she just does it, taking care, taking responsibility, etc. There is only this one man, if she had not become him, she would have died. This is in a kind naive, one-sided and unreflective. Subphase 1 confirms her mother, she is a manic or impulsive woman.

A remedy of Plantaginaceae
The stage is what she does: she did not have a self-consciousness before, she just went over these fears. She has always overcome these fears (Stage 6)

Prescription: A remedy of Plantaginaceae every fortnight.

Follow up: after two months
She says she had not such grounded silence as she had for decades. It is like a reboot in her life, she clears away many old things and creates order. Before that, she only felt good in the mania, now she feels well, but has no mania any more. She has a full day, but still feels free and untroubled. Her quality of life has risen from 50 to 100.

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