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A remedy of Liliaceae
Case: First consultation on 31.03.2021

Patient born July 1986, pregnant with the 2nd child in the 26th week and would like to be accompanied homeopathically, due date 12 July 2021, out-patient.
At birth she is 35 years old - with her first daughter she was 22 years old - she transferred her daughter at that time because she liked being pregnant so much - she would like to have this child already now.
Since 2 weeks she has a downward pressure, V.: when straining or walking for a long time.
On Friday she went to the gynaecologist for a check-up, the cervix is still closed, but she should take it easier.
She works 3 days in her home office and on Thursdays half a day and on Fridays a whole day in the office as an administrative assistant and has a lot to do with numbers, so no emotional excitement.
Sometimes she feels like she has to go to the toilet every 5 minutes - and also sometimes she feels like she has to hold her hand against it so she can push everything up again.
Emotional: "it's Corona, it's monotonous, you can't do anything, her big daughter is at home, the husband is at home, now he has short-time work, he's still doing a lot on the building site on his own house, the house is finished, now the garage, the cellar and the outside".
"my mother I see every day and I also have many friends it's not like that, I have many contacts. But sometimes I feel forgotten by my husband, he comes in the evening, then goes to the building site, then he comes in at 9.30 pm and doesn't eat my dinner that I made for him. I feel forgotten and neglected by him.
I'm very emotional at the moment, I start crying very quickly when I'm in situations like that with my husband, I don't know that from myself at all, for example, we were just about to eat and the neighbour comes and says that the gravel has just come and then he goes out immediately and takes care of it, that's okay, but then I started crying and couldn't calm down at all, he couldn't do anything about it, but then I was sitting all alone again, I'm not really like that.
I'm really into ice cream right now, I could eat it all the time" pushing down - bearing down.”

Prescription a remedy of Liliaceae M, remedy code 633.66.08

Follow up
Second consultation 19.04.2021
"unfortunately I had completely forgotten the time now, instead of 2 weeks, it has now been 2.5 weeks since I was here"
She tells: "I have really been feeling much, much better for 2 weeks. The downward pressure is as good as gone and also the feeling that I have to go to the toilet all the time has also gone. On Saturday I did a lot of cleaning, vacuuming and mopping, and walked around the house a lot. I had a little downward pressure in the evening, but compared to before, it was nothing. Then on Sunday everything was fine again.
I also have the feeling that something has changed emotionally, I am no longer so "sensitive" towards my husband. I no longer have the feeling that he leaves me "alone", as I described to you when I was with you. I can separate myself more and not take everything so personally. We talked about it and now. We agree on fixed times every day when he comes in for dinner or it's just family time."
Gave her a few more globules and haven't heard from her since, I think she's fine or she'd be in touch.
I've known her for a long time.