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Super Layers

We see in some cases how some homeopaths keep on striving to find one constitutional medicine, and even find it in some right percentage of cases. Here I’m not getting back to the concept of constitutional medicine, rather am asking some genuine questions. If there really is something like Super Layers, one, two or more, then the work of homeopaths would become quite easier. Let me put here, what actually got discovered on this front, after working with some good number of more than one or all layer deteriorated cases.
Let me put it in a straightforward way, without any loops, that yes, there really are Super Layers too, to our Layers, and they generally and as expected are much less in number for one, than his Layers would be. Rather, in some it can easily be just one Super Layer too, defining one’s mental makeup, behaviour, and psychology in totality! We see in some very tough cases presented by some homeopaths, whether in books, journals, or online, that how one resonated to that single energy in and out, and how his all the issues and sufferings in life were revolving around that one energy or medicine. And then, how that single medicine, cures the person so rightly! Here it’s that one Super Layer working, and one may think to call it one’s constitutional medicine too, as it’s found, but the right term is Super Layer of course. This is more so because it’s not necessary for all to have just one Super Layer. Rather, the number of Super Layers can easily be more than one too, for one, and it’s actually proportional to the Layers one has or would have if found. I’ve seen on more than one Super Layer too, in some cases, and thus saying about this in proper clinical clarity, than just on theory.
Another term for Super Layers can also be Constitutional Layers, though then, its in-depth meaning may not be understood by all, especially the ones who are not homeopaths. Thus, it’s very important that we convey them something that helps homeopathy, they themselves, and even homeopaths, all together and very rightly, than just confuse the things, which the concept of constitutional medicine has done already in a very good way. Page 1 of 4Super Layers | Hmpathy 07-10-18, 15)53
The cases which have one Super Layer, and a good homeopath finds that too, makes one believe in the concept of constitutional medicine so very strongly, and such a case coming in books, journals, or online, multiplies that belief of one constitutional layer manifold. However, these are the cases having one Super Layer, and those then also find their way to publication, so very rightly.
Just think of the concept of Supporting Layers, and can’t the medicines listed as Main Layer and Supporting Layer(s), be together present as one’s Super Layers. Actually, it can very easily be! Here if it’s just one such pair or relation for one’s Super Layers, practically it’s again one Super Layer, but still, that would get reached when one is open to such a possibility, and not just looking for one constitutional medicine. So, the world of Super Layers is not restricted to one medicine, whom we misnomer as constitutional medicine; and not counting that scenario here, wherein if one has one major deteriorated layer among his Layers, is also thought as one’s constitutional medicine.
Another very important thing to know very specifically is, that for many cases we have no other way, but to find one’s Layers still, as it may not be possible to catch the Super Layers, whether one or more, i.e. the case is such that it’s not easy to get to the Super Layers, by proper symptoms or themes one is presenting. In that case one has to get to the route of one’s Normal Layers, or Layers only. More so, not to forget easier cases, wherein one hasn’t yet revealed his in-depth core personality, and thus the only option or way to cure them of their issues is via addressing their deteriorated Layers rightly. This thus is clarifying on two very important things, one, that neither the world of Layers and getting to their medicines has got lesser, nor it’s so easier to get to Super Layers. It rather would depend on that person’s state, how it’s best to go about him.
With two worlds of layers now, there of course would be confusion too, whether one is catching a Layer or a Super Layer. Then, such things will get clear to the homeopath in some time, after getting ahead with the case, if not initially. It’s not such a big problem, though of course requires a careful handling of the case, so that one can be given, and in the way, what he really needs.
Another important thing to share here is, when more than one Super Layer, then Cap Layer or the layer of Capsicum Annuum ( together-the-role-of-capsicum-annuum/) is not required, and these Super Layers bind themselves automatically together. It’s not that just the medicines in follows well or precedes well list would come together, rather here too it can be any energy or medicine.
With no need of Cap Layer here, neither it would get to Cam Layer of course, so even that one won’t haunt one, though such individuals would have a proper number of Super Layers, in proportion to one’s quite more number of Layers, as Cam Layer comes into practice only when one has quite a high number of one’s Layers.
The concept of Cross-Connections though is valid here too. Equally is valid the concept of Supporting Layers, which actually proves quite helpful too, when one is dealing with tough cases. Page 2 of 4
Super Layers | Hmpathy 07-10-18, 15)53
Another concept of Basic Layer and related things are not valid with Super Layers, and that’s again a relief in many ways. Though, the concept of Complementary Layers is valid, which along with the one Supporting Layers, help a great deal while dealing with Super Layers.
The cycle completion with one’s Layers and then his Super Layers, with different laws in both, is such a unique one in many ways. And one needs to prepare to get to them in a very good and thorough way..
Another very interesting and important thing is how in some cases, we need two or more approaches simultaneously, for proper cure. For example, we get to one’s Super Layers, whether one or more, which of course are right too, but still, that person’s variation in emotions and/or pressures of life etc are so unique, that he also needs his all layers along with! Or he needs his Bach Remedy layers along with, one or more that are hurt, or all! Or he needs his other Essence Layers along with, of other flower and gem essences, than the Bach ones! Or he needs his other Essence layers, of other flower and gem essences, and even Bach remedy layers along with, i.e. along with homeopathic medicines!
With the information till now on homeopathic layers, one can form some idea about Bach layers and Essence layers too, though they exhibit a little different unique laws and principles. They are like or rather are an extended part of homeopathy, and many a time are needed along with homeopathic medicines, especially in tougher cases. If one would concentrate on the cases one couldn’t solve, despite putting all the effort, than those magical ones that got better with one or two medicines, and try to understand on the in-depth world of layers, homeopathic, Bach ones, and of other Essences, then one would get to find solutions of/for very many other cases.
There even are cases which get better by essence layers in an easier way, than with homeopathic remedies. Means, for them, it’s not so easy to get to either layers or super layers, but the essence layers are comparatively easy to get to! And here that person may need just his essences for proper cure. Or he may need Bach layers along with, but still no homeopathic remedies. So, even this is also possible. The motive is to get to one’s cure in the best way, in the way that is easier or feasible to get to, as per the circumstances. That’s what a homeopath of course is always looking for too. Though, now with further widened base of layers, it’s a bit tougher to get to, or rather easier, if one is ready to plunge in the proper world of layers.. (,

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