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A remedy of Haemodoraceae
Case by Alex Leupen
The man who enters cannot be overlooked. he is a burly figure with a round bald head, grey suit and pink tie and above all has an aura of self-confidence. The roguish look in his eyes softens his image of strength and power. He is the director of a chain of shops of furniture, a family business with his brother and father. It was soon clear who is the boss.
His complaint is extrasystoles, his heart skips a beat regularly. According to the cardiologist it is a harmless phenomenon, but he is very nervous about it. I see him regularly and his cardiac symptoms improve somewhat with homeopathy. In another consultation, I decided to dig deeper, it turns out that he mainly gets extrasystoles when someone, for instance an employee or a client, is not telling the truth.
In his youth he was a lonely child in the midst of two parents who were on war with each other. His childhood was full of lies and silence. Apparently his heart became sensitised to falsehoods. A lie detector of flesh and blood.
Suddenly I remember a story about a remedy of Haemodoraceae. The Indians chewed the plant as they had to negotiate with the whites, it gave them courage to speak in front of the whites with their lies. I prescribe him a few doses a remedy of Haemodoraceae. Two months later, he calls off the consultation as he is doing well. I send him a few granules more. Since then, he can do his job confidently.

The relationship problems of his parents fir very well with Commelinales, which is in the Liliidae, representing the Silicon series in the Angiospermae. His parents stay together as in Phase 4, but feel like splitting up as in Phase 6.