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A remedy of Haemodoraceae
Woman, 65, sinusitis bronchitis.
Case by Ulrich Welte.
She is uptight, not very unkind, but still difficult enough for her husband. He accompanies her in the consultation, a nice Italian man, but no sooner does he say something that she upbraids him bruskly. Seems he has a difficult time with her but endures. She tries to smile for the photo but she comes across rather forced, tight, little joy in life, pale, almost a greenish pale colour (the old called it chlorosis), but no anaemia. She had indeed a hard life. Many suicides in her family, grandpa hanged himself, great grandma drowned herself, 2 more suicides on fathers' side, father made mother pregnant with her during the war but then he was lost on the Russian front line and it was uncertain if he lived or had fallen. Later it was found that he was caught and under forced labour in Siberia, came home in 1953 or 54, when she was 3-4 years old. Mother had remained faithful and waited during these difficult times when pregnant and after child was born. So she was conceived and raised under such difficult and uncertain conditions, mother had to survive without husband, not even knowing if he still exists. Already as a child she had an unexplainable fear of men, especially young men.
She suffers from chronic sinusitis bronchitis, asthma, cervical stiffness and depression. Formerly had zoster twice across abdomen. She constantly feels like having a clip over the back of the nose.

Another remedy helped her a bit, but a remedy of Haemodoraceae was better. Not only did the clip go away (a thing she complained much about) but also cervical stiffness, green expectoration and hypertension left, and an old asthma also left. Also the greenish paleness left, still somewhat pale but not so unhealthy looking. Color 11D, 3C, 15D