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Welcome on Qjure, on this first blog.
In these blogs new information will be discussed, updates of remedies, their place in the Plant theory, povings and cases with the conclusions that can be drawn from them. It will be many facetted, trying to bring new ideas in an easy to digest manner. All members can send in contributions too: comments, own cases and provings, new ideas and remedies. This website is meant to be an open forum for the homeopathic community.
In this first blog I want to discuss Lachnanthes caroliniana, which in the homeopathic literature is more know as Lachnanthes tinctoria. Lachnanthes is in the family Haemodoraceae, the Order Commelinales. Form old cases the Stage 8 had become clear from dreams where they had to do impossible task, that never could be ended in time. One patient was dreaming of counting an endless number of things. Another dream was that she had to put something big in a very small box. Typical situations for Stage 8.
The themes of Carbon series and SIlicon series were present in relationship and father problems.
The new cases show a confirmation of the themes of Lachnanthes with the combination of Phase 4 and Subphase 6 in relationships. This indicates that for them it is obvious that one stays together, the Phase 4 quality. Often their parents had a stable relationship, although sometimes it can be rigid, too fixed. AT the other hand there is the feeling that the relationship is not right, that giving and taking is out of balance, as in Phase 6. They feel that the relationship is on the verge of collapsing. But still they stay together.
Their attitude and action to keep the relationship going on is doing a lot. They work hard to satisfy the other, their spouse. They even do too much, but it it feels as never enough.
The cases also confirm that it is correct to take all the families in the Commelinales together and treat them as one Family. From the point of view of the Plant theory the Order Commelinales should be downgraded to the level of Family and the families in the Commelinales to the level of Subfamilies.

The Families in Connelinales are Commelinaceae, Hanguanaceae, Haemodoraceae, Philydraceae and Pontederiaceae.
Lachnanthes is in Haemodoraceae.

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