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Lachnanthes caroliniana
Man, 30, neck pain.
He has sudden neck pains when he turns he head fast. Then he gets an electric like, shooting pain, which feel like his muscles get into a cramp and become very tight. He has to move his head very carefully for a few minutes before the pain gradually subsides.
He has problems in his marriage. He feels often criticized by his wife. She accuses him of not giving enough attention, not doing enough in the household, not being charming to her and wanting to have sex too frequently. He feels that he is doing too much, is always busy for her, and that it is never enough. He feels that he is giving all the time and getting little in return. But he does not think often about divorce as he is loving her very much. He is very loyal to her and in general to people. He can understand her attitude from her difficult youth where she received little love from her mother and had a domineering father.

The relationship problem indicates the Silicon series. In the Plant kingdom this is represented the most by the Lilianae.
That the Plant kingdom is indicated is seen in his understanding attitude, he can see her background and development from her youth.
He is very stable and loyal. This indicates Phase 4, which is the Commelinoids in the Liliidae. But there is also an aspect of imbalance in giving and taking. He feels giving too much and receiving little in return. This is an aspect of Phase 6, a quality well known for Oxygen. Subphase 6 in the Commelinoids is Commelinales.
His strategy is to do always more, always being busy. This is a quality of Stage 8. The fact that it is never enough point to a Stage before Stage 10.
The number is 633.46.08
Lachnanthes caroliniana is in Stage 8 in the Commelinales. The neck pain are typical for Lachnanthes caroliniana, although it is mostly known for a longer duration in the form of torticollis.

Follow up
One month after Lachnanthes caroliniana MK his neck pains have not returned anymore. His relationship with his wife is much better. she does not criticize him so much anymore. And when she does he feels much less hurt.
A year later he reports that the situation has stayed for the better: no neck pains anymore and a good relationship.

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