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Lachnanthes caroliniana
Woman, 60, marriage problems.
Case by Ulrich Welte.
She comes across as uptight, ambitious, gets what she wants, can be pushy, has a burning look or penetrating gaze, not really pleasant to deal with, hard, mostly in a hurry and often without proper appointment. She wants quick help, with little cooperation or courtesy. There is no real anamnesis of her in my files.
She divorced her husband. She said he was not there for his two sons. The only problem she ever mentioned was that when her sons do not obey and act as she wants them to, she gets furious "I could nail them to the wall". There is a penetrating issue, something where you feel nailed if you come close. The only time I saw her laugh was when I unwittingly almost drew the chair from underneath her and she might have fallen instead of being helped. She then said that if she can still laugh that it can not be so bad.
She has pain in her shoulder, after having had severe cervical problems for 3 months.
Her colour preference is 10CD.
She is into IT business.

Silicon series: her sons do not obey.
Stage 8: penetrating; hard to deal with.
Phase 4: family is no question as such.
Subphase 6: with little cooperation or courtesy.
Lachnanthes: severe cervical problems.

Follow up
The day after Lachnanthes she felt as if a heavy load was taken off her shoulder, after having had severe cervical problems for 3 months.
Formerly Ranunculus sceleratus was often good. Hydrastis was good for a basalioma on sternocleidomastoideus.

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