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A Homalothecium remedy
Man, 45, mental handicap.
He had a severe head trauma, brain trauma and almost died. He was caught by an avalanche and his head was brown to a rock. After wards he was mentally handicapped.
He is very good in facts; knows everything very well.
He is the best, the champion.
Was a soldier; all of his mates were killed in a was situation; he was not send because of his trauma.
Working in a sport company
He was the winner of ski mountain races.
Enthusiastic, talking a lot; cannot listen easily to others; he cannot easily change the topic; his thinking is in a way chaotic, robotic, mechanic.
Living in a home for disabled people.

Phase 5: Enthusiastic, talking a lot.
Phase 7: big trauma; living in a home for diabled.
Stage 10: winner, champion.