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A remedy of Asphodeliaceae
Woman, 30, vaginitis.
She has a candida infection of her vagina. It is an aggressive form that lasts already for years since her first sexual contact in puberty. It is very itching na d painful and she has a sticky, thick, white and itching discharge. It is often worse after intercourse and after she had a cystitis. I makes her feel annoyed and frustrated.
She also has stomach and abdominal pains. It is diagnosed as irritable bowel syndrome. She has sharp and cramping pains in her abdomen, which are worse from bread and pasta and better when she lies on her back. She had diarrhoea when she is anxious. She has flatulence and frequent urging for stool. It started after she had to an examination for university and felt pressed by her mother. Now she feels distant to her mother, visiting her a few times a year.

In general she felt pushed by her mother. Her mother is overprotective and authoritarian, knowing was is best for her daughter. Her mother is conservative and judgemental on her. In puberty she had many fight with her mother who wanted to give all her time to study and want her to go out with friends, listen to music or reading a magazine for girls.
She was very much in love with her first boyfriend. He quit her and she suppressed her grief as she didn’t want to be a burden to her friends.

She can be anxious with examinations and presentations. She likes to sing, but can be anxious before she starts performing. But singing is an expression, sharing, communication. When she has this anxiety she feels a cramp in her stomach, like a ball, as if it is closed. With this she holds her hands in fist form before her stomach.
Friends have been very important in her life, they are inspiring for her.
She likes plants very much.

Plant kingdom: likes plants very much.
Silicon series: friends very important
Phase 5: friends very important; pushed and pressed by her mother.
Phase 6: Left alone by her boyfriend; distant to her mother.
Stage 9: fear examination.