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A remedy of Amaryllidaceae
Case, man.
He has a lack of self assurace. At school he has been mobbed, especially for wearing a corset. Later in life he was disappointed about his neighbours and friends because they were telling bad things about him to his children. He is angry about it, but cannot do anything. He feels excluded.
Not confident, < quarrels. He feels that especially in his neighbourhood where he is mobbed.
He is very naive. He is loquacious, talking constantly, uncontrolled, as if there is no brake.
His quality life is 40.

Silicon series: problems with friends and neigbourhood.
Phase 6: mobbed.
Phase 2: lack of self assurance.
Stage 1: naive; talking constantly.

Follow up
He is very much more self-assured, in his work and his neighbourhood. He can deal better with his family, as he is more stable self conscious
His quality life has gone up to 95.
Other remedies that had little or no effect.