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A remedy from the Erbium compounds
Case of dermatomyositis
Pavol Tibensky
50 years old man, civil servant, suffers from dermatomyositis. His troubles began after divorcing. Disease developed during last year 2004. He lost 15 kilos, mostly at pelvic and pectoral girdle. His skin is almost everywhere inflamed – red spots, itching, < on sun and during summer. He suffered from haemorrhoids 3 years ago. He was operated due to extreme size of piles and troubles with hygiena. He is very fatigue, weak, has no interest in previous hobbies. Sometimes he is sitting with empty look for hours. He has problems with concentration and is unable to work a lot like before. He is from four children, he is unwanted child. Parents were strict. He was different from his friends and siblings. He is taciturn, he speak a little, mostly short sentences, sometimes very ironic. /I am ideal groom: old, ill and rich… Phoenicians were right: everything is about money… Politic must be big swine: our Mr. Congressman is best politic I know etc./ Family has big importance for him. They have one son with his ex wife. She did not want another child; he did not forgive her it. He is amateur sportsman, he likes tennis and skiing. He must reduce these activities due to muscular atrophy. His son said him: “You look like Pinocchio, father!” He tried to skiing, but it was more struggles: he fell very often and he need long time and big effort for standing on the ski again.
He is under regular therapy by neurologist, dermatologist and rheumatologist.
Dermatomyositis is autoimmune disease, very often/10 -25%/ associated with malign disease, mainly carcinoma of lungs, ovaries, pancreas, stomach, colon, rectum, and non-Hodgkin lymphoma. Laboratory finding were suspected from paraneoplastic syndrome according to positivity of markers:
- Ferritin (FER) 1702 ng/ml, Normal values: 30-400 ng/ml in men
- Neuron-specific enolasis (NSE) 18,8 ng/ml (N 0-12,5)
- Beta-2-mikroglobulin 6,1mg/l (N 0-2,4)
Probable oncologic disease were non- Hodgkin lymphoma or multiple myeloma. These were never diagnosed.

Auto-immune disease points to Lanthanides. Atrophy, flatness, stoicism are features of stage 14. Itching skin eruption aggravated on sun could be symptom of carbon, chlorine or sulphur. Intolerance of heat is more symptom of sulphur or chlorine then carbon. First remedy I gave was A Chlorum compound remedy due to symptoms:
RECTUM - HEMORRHOIDS - grapes, like
RECTUM - HEMORRHOIDS - protrude - stool - during - agg.

Follow up
After the remedy he felt better, has more energy and was able to work. Next remedy was an Erbium compound remedy. He used remedy 1M every week during first year of treatment. There was dramatic improvement. Skin eruptions disappeared. During summer he suffered with suppuration from right big toe, it last several months. He gained muscular mass again. Diameter of thigh raised 15 cm. Laboratory finding normalised: mostly feritine – from 1702 nanograms to 37, 9. He find new spouse and moved with her and her son to family house in 2006. He works on this house and in the garden whole season without bigger troubles. Nowadays, 5 years from beginning of homeopathic treatment, he uses remedy according to his choice. He is still undergoing classical treatment, but doses of them are dramatically lowered. Allopathic experts could refers him as a successful case too.
Effect of remedy is extraordinary, but we could consider other Erbium compounds too. He was powerless to be father of more than one child. We will see in the future.

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