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A remedy from the Erbium compounds
Case Ondrej, 17 years old boy, first time visited me in 2007 for some psychical problems. He was accompanied with his father, director of county bank. He has sleeping troubles, is very restless during whole night, and sleeps 2 - 3 hours only.
- I have difficult dreams. You saw this already. There is paranoia or fears. I am travelling by bus and I hear voices. I think, they are talking about me. I do not hear, but I have this feeling. I tried to convince myself, it is not true, but those thoughts are persistent. I feel heat, I perspire a lot and I do not hear voice, only sound. I have this feeling everywhere in crowd, where too many people on bus station are and so on. I feel everybody looks at me. I took cigarette and I trying to ignore it. It lasts three years. I do not know, what happened in my head. I think something is wrong with my head.
- My dreams? I am in maze, big store, I am stuck there, and I am not able to escape from it. Somebody kills me in next dream... I shot my friend by mistake in next dream. I met my friend, he is disguised for somebody, but I know his face. Face is known, but his dress or voice is changed. Or I am in school, and I could not escape, or somebody chases me like game. This man had mask or hood, or it is zombie. Once somebody want to cut me with saw. I run, or I stop, I take knife and I defend myself. I could wake up from dreams, if I want.
- I play PC games; it could be from it probably, or from smoking marijuana.
His father: he suffers with cough, abdominal cramps, anxiety from vertigo, collapses. He has cardiac murmur; he is treated by cardiologist with magnesium and calcium. He has hay fever as a little child, later bronchitis very often. He took drops for allergy, he refused injections.
We have cancer in our both families.
Mother: We were surprised with third pregnancy. We have two girls, younger was ten years old, and previous pregnancies were very risky. We built house. We smiled: I was 30 years old, I had morning sickness, and my doctor discovers pregnancy. What about my feelings? I am too old, will I be able to build house during pregnancy? We were not able to render a decision: third baby or not. Finally we said: god blessed. And everything was normal during pregnancy.

- I tried sacred mushroom – scrambled eggs. I felt better one day after this mushroom. There are visual hallucinations: objects are stretched, it was not comparable with marijuana: euphoric feeling, I love life, nothing bothers me. Ecstasy was not good: I do not support chemistry – it was very bitter. Coca is perfect, but cocaine is chemistry, it is muck, shit.
- I have stressful job, I spend too much time in job. I wear sackcloth and ashes. It took me by surprise: I did not see three years his hands are trembling, he collapses after rising. He wants to say nothing about his friends: “I need not to know it.” I saw alcoholic signs last half year: “it helps me to fly from reality.” He cried when drunk, he want commit suicide very often. He does not believe himself. He is not able to study, he compared with sisters.
- I must leave my job in bank 3 years before. It was terrible for, whole world collapsed. He want defend me, he want earn money instead of me, he want to have me at home. But I must and want work in another bank. If you are not able, you will be substituted by others.
- He likes play street ball, likes computers, he would like to be lorry driver. If I want to talk with him, he refuses very often:” I will die when I will be 22.

- I want to be eagle – it flies in sky and is free. He solves only feeding.
I am not believer, I praised sometimes, when father had operations. Where God is, where heavens is? Nowhere! Only Jesus – he was crucified. Stigmas are known.
- I want to be happy, have no problems, healthy family, nice spouse, baby, peace, house somewhere. Snowboard with friends.
- I do many mistakes in writings – maybe 35 mistakes in one dictation. 10 mistakes are unsatisfactory.
- I have not out of body experience. I am careful with sacred mushrooms – you must use 3 -4 grams only, more when you are psychically prepared. It is not dangerous, illusions of voice and some visions. Somebody could stay lunatic forever after overdosing.

- I have some visual hallucinations after mushrooms: I see my friend head from behind, I see some repulsive face, or I must look from one place to another and so on.
- I do not bother about date, I know year and time, it is good enough.
- I have fear from bees, wasps and hornets.
- I have three times suicidal thoughts, but I can do it due to my family.
I do not want to let them alone. I considered strangulation or
overdosing by drugs.
- If I have depressions, I am indifferent to pleasure, to friends, to study
– few pieces of a mushroom remedy, and everything is gone. I did not try
peyote; it is very strong, more than mushrooms.

I selected those rubrics and prescribed a remedy of Cactaceae:
MIND - CONCENTRATION - difficult - studying
MIND - CONFIDENCE - want of self-confidence
MIND - DELUSIONS - hearing - illusions of
MIND - DELUSIONS - people - seeing people - looking at him
MIND - DELUSIONS - talking - people talk about her
MIND - DELUSIONS - watched, she is being MIND - DOUBTFUL
MIND - FEAR - bees, of
MIND - FEAR - wasps; of
MIND - MATHEMATICS - inability for
MIND - MERGING OF SELF with one's environment
MIND - MISTAKES; making - time, in - conception of time; has lost the MIND - FATHER FIXATION
MIND - ORIENTATION; sense of - increased
MIND - PERFUME - loves to use perfume
MIND - REALITY - flight from reality
MIND - SUICIDAL disposition
MIND - WITHDRAWAL from reality
TEETH - CARIES, decayed, hollow
CHEST - INFLAMMATION - Bronchial tubes
Follow up next month: less hallucinations, better sleeping, no mushrooms, difficult dreams less, beers probably the same. His father said he is quieter; he meets his friends less often.
Hallucinations described: microwave oven was stretching, dancing, door moved from left to right. He has some stitching pain in left kidney, for a moment.
- I know drugs. I read stories about symptoms. I do not want chemistry, only pure drugs. Somebody sells impure drugs; it is the same with hams from old meat.
- I have weaker right eye and I am cross-eyed slightly.
- I like music from 90-s, underground, old school rap; new one is self- praise, it has no point, no legacy for people, it is empty music. Sometimes drum and base. My friends like it too. Rap creates
character, it says a lot about rapper.
- Marijuana returned my bad feelings. I feel everybody looks at me.
because I stumble or fumble, but I walk properly. I convincing myself, it is not true, but my thoughts fights, one half of brain is pressing to the other one.
Repeating remedy.
February 2008: Dreams are not so terrible, I kill somebody of somebody kill me in 7 dreams from 10 two months ago. Travelling is better; people do not bother me with his speeches.
March 2008: Dream about pursuing by ghost in cornfield. They changed school for him. 4 puffs from marijuana only, once monthly. Beer must be almost daily.
Father: we were on skis, he was very nervous. We stopped in one village, he smoked outside. There was nothing bad. He said to one man: “Don't gape, asshole!” he said later, he could kill him, but he did not have colt. A remedy of Cactaceae was prescribed monthly.

September 2008:
Father: it is easier to make contact with him, but it is almost everything what is better. It is very difficult to speak for him. His room and his computer is his world. We can enter there only rarely. I found him same graphic: he was there, telegraph pole and bloodstain, like from sponge. I asked him: “what is it?” and he answered: “Mom, you are oversensitive, it is only pole.” He has no reason to confide in somebody. He does only what he wants.
- You could use camcorder, you could record me. It does not matter! I feel better, sleep is better. I had joint a few times only. I have no depressions, no suicidal thoughts. Father really burns me up. He is director, it is his way, but he could sleep in bank. He is nervous at home then. Mother is O. K.
- It was better during holidays. I did some sports, I felt good. But my mood is better after beer only. I need about eight or nine mugs.
- I have no problem to fight with somebody. I did not begin, but if it must be, I agree with brachial activity. I kill somebody only in dreams, not in reality.
- I has dream about quarrels with my father, or about breaking things. I see myself like from camera in dreams, it was similar like after a mushroom. This mushroom changed my perception of reality, it opens blocked abilities.
- Stop camcorder, please! It interrupts me! Stop it!
After finishing recording, he was quieter, his fingers was less restless. He stopped motions of lower limbs. I saw, my first prescription was not good. I considered new remedy – and reaction to recording was clear – with bromine in it. But due to dreams about killing, aggressive graphic and job of his father as a bank director, I prescribed an Erbium compound remedy. October 2008: nothing good, he suffered with high blood pressure, he must visit cardiologist. He has many dental caries; it could be focus as a cause. Father: he is phlegmatic in school, marks do not bother him. He do not like seaside, it is ennui. He shrugged his shoulder – this is his answer almost every time. He hears very heavy music. I said him his brain is shrinking, do not drink! He smiled only: “I do not drink hard drinks, what is bad in beer?” He has punching bag; he gives off his energy and aggressiveness. He does graphics: I see bridge and there was one person on very high place on it. “It is me, this person, he feels very alone.”

- My dreams are classical – I kill, I beat, somebody chased me.
- I am interesting in computer programming only. I study university
textbooks only – I have textbooks from university. We have lessons about stupidities only. I will be satisfied when I will finish this school. I take no lesson from this uselessness. I am interesting in cryptography, numerology and so on. Hacker is master and the public thinks something worst about them. Cracker is bad person. He could slip program under your door and police will put you in prison. But it is of no importance to explain it – people do not understand you.
- I support minority always, in fight too. Because I am paranoid, I learn kick box, box, but I do not know, what to do with it. I do not like violence, but if somebody is stupid...
- I am paranoid, I am psychopathic. It is true.
Colour preference: beige, green, olive green, brown.

He wants to be autonomous. He goes inside in his development. He expresses his feelings through graphic, computers, sport – everything is individualistic. He is nihilist, empty, formal, indifferent, gloomy, out of contact - this confirms 14. stage. His paranoia points to the bromine. This could be confirmed from reaction to camcorder, and mainly from his first given symptom:
MIND - DELUSIONS - watched, she is being.
Next symptom I took from sentences about crackers:
MIND - DELUSIONS - conspiracies - against him; there are conspiracies.
Rubrics like boredom or indifference to domestic affairs covers bromine too.
His father is somebody from gold series working in bank. It could point to the fluorine. One his expression: “When I lost my job in bank, it was end of the world for me... I am very busy, but if you stop your activity, there are newcomers and they will substitute you... My chief from headquarters advised me to implantation of titanium teeth. What thinks he about my salary? I did not earn too much many from my job... it is very difficult to work during crisis: many people lost his job and they must repay a loan, they are helpless, I would like to help them, we postpone their repayments, but I feel very bad from this situation. This is feeling of some Gold series remedies combined with bromine, with the themes of end, stage 17, of work, Iron series. I prescribed remedy a remedy from the Erbium compounds.
One month later he has no problems, no paranoia, no tachycardia, he slept better, no dreams. He drinks less, no mushrooms or marijuana.
We repeated remedy three times.

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