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A remedy from the Erbium compounds
Case by Valéria Militão da Silva

Man, 50.
The patient tells:
I was going through a very difficult moment, with many losses, professional and financial, difficulties, family issues, health problems, and more. It was a moment of so many changes and detachments. I was very lost with the chaos in witch my life was transforming it into.
I was talking to my homeopath and could not find a medication. At that point I started Jungian therapy, when my therapist and I concluded I was going through the moment Jung describes as the IMERSION IN THE SHADOW. Currently I am going through a Pluto transit.
What I really want to tell is a dream I had by then, because it has to do with a Lanthanide.
I dreamed I had received from an old man a crude stone that had some uncovered parts and it was pink, very shiny. I ran a lot with it in my hands but I didn’t know what I was supposed to do, I found then, my homeopathic doctor and he said that the rock was not important and then I became a bubble and floated for some time. After I was confined in a very small bedroom but I was able to escape from it, then I got into a auditorium where my homeopathic teacher should be teaching, but I couldn’t find him and that caused me an enormous anguish. I got to talk to him on the phone and then he said that I should keep this very well, hide and never let go or loose, because it would be the reason of my life!!
After having this dream, I talked to my homeopath and we decided to start the study of the Lanthanides. I then searched what would have the colour pink, and found an Erbium compound medicine, of which I took an only dose and then everything became so clear to me. There was a radical transformation in my life, a totally different way to see the world. Anyway, I am very happy now. I am advanced a lot in therapy. Now I have an “autonomy and freedom” which I never thought to be possible.
I thank you so much, for opening the “doors of perception” for me.

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