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A Elaeagnus remedy

After taking the remedy she has an impressive dream to live in a "Villa Wahnsinn". At first her beloved dog was kidnapped and then she and the dog were killed. In the second part of the dream her dog was attacked by a wild pig. She quickly took a wooden stick and killed the pig and saved her dog.
Asking what the dog means for her, she says, the dog is her inner self, which is completely authentic.
She starts to defend her room and further on she designs a new winter garden, which will be connected with her room to have more space and light in her house. Then she buys a small car, she says it is a new little space for her too, where she can retreat when driving for work. She always was so strict avoiding to have a car because of environmental engagement - now she enjoys having this private space around her while heading to university.
So her situation is much better, she will decide in future if she will continue her relationship.
She feels much stronger now, feeling her own needs, less being so masculine and always fighting for her rights and providing the family.
Bodily she has no relaspse until now, less flushes of heat. She loves taking the remedy.