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Recently I came across a statement of Albert Einstein: “Failure is success in progress”.
I think this statement is very true for homeopathy. It is the same for and more general for life as a whole. Every disease is a try to solve a problem. As long as the disease is there the problem is not solved, but maybe next time better.
The same is for homeopathic prescription. They are a try to solve a problem, to provide the patient a map of the labyrinth of his disease, so that he can find the exit. Prescription that don’t fir fully will not solve the problem. The reactions often provide clues to what remedy is better fitting.

This edition is about Hyacinthaceae. The beautiful cases show how much knowledge has accumulated about them. They show the strong aspects of Phase 6 and Phase 3, confirming the Remedy code fro Hyacinthaceae: 3-633.63.00

We wish you much reading pleasure,
Jan Scholten