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In homeopathy the individualisation of every case is very important. The homeopathic therapist has to find the most special and unique symptoms to be able to find the best and most similar remedy.
Sometimes though I get the feeling that this idea is over stressed. Every human being is unique, but at the other hand we don’t prescribe unique remedies. We prescribe know remedies, that have been prescribed or proved before, often many times. This means that diseases are not unique, even when human beings are. This is due to the complexity of living beings in general and humans even more so. This complexity is the combination of several personalities working together, or even against each other in humans. Every personality is a remedy. So one can see a complex of remedies in each person.
SOmetimes it feels like a contraction to me that classical homeopaths strees the individualisation even more, when at the other hand they prscribe only 100, maybe 200 remedies. My impression is that the diversity in humnas is vastly more than those 100 or 200 remedies.

This issue of Qjure is about the Rosales.

We wish you much reading pleasure,
Jan Scholten