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Dear member of Qjure

In this issue of the Journal Qjure you will find more articles and cases of Piperales.
Interesting is Piper auritum, which was proved in Costa Rica and then placed in Subphase 4. This was probably due to the similarity of Stage 10 and Phase 4.
Further study showed Subphase 1 is better. The case presented in this edition shows that clearly, for instance in the symptom of having a manic-depressive mother. Piper auritum belongs to the Pothomorphoideae, which are now combined with Macropiperoideae in Subphase 1. Piper methysticum belongs there too.

The cases of Piper amalago and Piper unguiculatum have strong Phase 3 qualities. They belong to the subfamily Enckeoideae.

We wish you much reading pleasure and inspiration.
Jan Scholten, 30-8-2019

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