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I recently read a book about a Jewish Polish girl who survived the holocaust. She was in the Warsaw getto, but fled to a small village in the south of Poland, where she was relatively safe. The writer discussed her safety there with a historian. The historian explained that were not anti-Semitic and against Jews because they had a lack of culture, they had no books and newspapers. He explained that for racism culture is needed, language is needed.
It is a good example of the difference between Iron series and Silver series. The villagers live in and Irons series world: the work had to be done and one had to live together. The only important thing was that the refugees did their share of the work, and even more than their share. It was not important what label the refugees had. That became only important when the villagers got threatened by the Germans that they would killed if they were hiding refugees.
Racism and anti-Semitism was especially strong in the big cities, where there were newspapers with ideas an thoughts, about labels and group identities.

We wish you much reading pleasure
Jan Scholten